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    Has anyone here tried this? I bought a bottle after refusing for ages because lately I feel tired. I've tried vitamins but haven't noticed any difference.

    I am skeptical but the people I know who drink it, swear by it. One woman is a 70 year old with arthritis. She hasn't slept well in years because she is in pain and since drinking this stuff says she sleeps great and is not in pain anymore. Another friend is a cancer survivor who was also having constant pain and is now pain free.

    Is this mind over matter or is it the real deal? I had a client of mine who is a nutritionist look over the ingredients and she thinks it looks good. She did however mention another thing I should take in conjunction with it but I have it written down at home and I am not home right now so I'll post that later.
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    My mom drank it during her cancer treatment along with a few other things and did very well. I tried it, but thought it was gross tasting - literally had greasy little chunks in it once refrigerated, which is weird considering it is fruit? All of the ingredients are good for you though, and really not something most people get often enough so it is a good thing in that respect.
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