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    Quote Originally Posted by Feops View Post
    Kinda missed the boat there =p
    Get on board the failboat yo.

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    So given it's May 31st I think I feel safe in posting here.

    I didn't make my goal in 2009 but I have succeeded in 2010.

    My goal was a little more conservative this time around - cut out sugary snacks like chocolate, cookies, cake, etc., which were my primary vice. I would eat a LOT of these, multiple times daily. Greasy and salty snacks were technically still allowed but I rarely eat those so mostly avoided them anyway. Coffee was allowed as a measure of sanity.

    - The first week was the worst. I had to battle craving at all the times I'd normally go for a snack, plus all the normal triggers. Behavioral addictions. For example, Friday after work I was really fond of grabbing a jumbo bag of peanut M&M's. Snacking was also a response for boredom, so I had to find things to do to distract myself.
    - Drinking water helped cravings.
    - I had to eat more "real" food, which helped my workouts substantially. I've seen visible improvement over the month, both in slimming and gains.
    - I've seen improved energy levels owing to the workouts, but not as much as I thought I would. Reducing or cutting coffee may help.
    - Eating more real food proved to me what a terrible cook I am. Food fatigue set in quickly... (eating the same things over and over). It forced me to branch out a little, purchase spices, try different meats and veggies.
    - Declining snacks from others is tough. There's a social pressure to accept these things. Some people are cool with it, others put on a little guilt trip. It can be awkward.

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