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Thread: Migraine Help!

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    This is a thread with good advice.

    I'll echo it a bit:

    1.) Go to the Dr. Explain your symptoms. It sounds to me like you are indeed having a classic migraine with aura. I get them too, thankfully infrequently.

    2.) There are indeed Rx medications created to stop migraines in their tracks. Imitrex and Maxalt are two. The Dr. will advise if these are good choices for you in light of the rest of your medical history.

    3.) When the aura starts for me, ideally I take two extra strength tylenol with a fuzzy caffeinated pop. Since your digestion shuts down when you have a migraine, the fuzzy pop helps to dissolve the tylenol and get it into your system. The caffeine is supposed to help with blood vessel dilation. And because your digestion takes a time-out, that's why you usually feel nauseous and/or throw up later.

    4.) Taking two ibuprofen two hours later is helpful too - I take each on a four hour rotation, 2 hours apart, while I am still awake that is.

    5.) Darkness and ultimately sleep are the only things that relieve this kind of migraine for me. I do get other kinds of migraines, but since they are not part of this thread, no point in elaborating.

    6.) I have also tried feverfew (on the advice of a neurologist) and after taking it (for the first time for the recommended 4 months) I did not have a migraine with aura for four years after that. I do believe it to be helpful. I still take it for a month or so at a time if I am having a period in my life with more migraine-type headaches than usual.

    7.) For the ladies, I found that birth control pills exacerbated this kind of migraine particularly, going from having one or two a year to two or three a month. Worth considering if you are having lots of migraines.

    8.) Lights can be a trigger too. The glint of sunlight on snow, flashing lights, stage lights, strobes - take note if any of these are a factor for you.

    Good luck, I know these are challenging, and although I can work with many a headache, you truly can do nothing else when faced with this kind of migraine but ride it out. Sending you this too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneWithSoul View Post
    I started getting migraines with aura about 4 years ago. I have gotten about 10 total since then and they are probably the worst experiences that I have ever physically had to endure.

    It starts off with an aura, a zig zag line in my eye-sight and a loss of vision. About 30 minutes after that first sign, a head-ache will come on. An hour after the first sign of the head ache began, it is all it's full height. My eyes throb, I can't move, my head is in complete and insane pain and I am freaking out. Another 20 minutes and the nausea comes on, and after another hour, I'll throw up.

    I had one yesterday, the first in a few months. It was one of the worst ones yet, and I am fed up with these and need to do something. I can sometimes catch them- when I first see the aura, I'll take pain killers and go right to bed. Most of the time I won't be able to fall asleep as it could be the middle of the day, and I get screwed. I can stop from throwing up my hyperventilating to stop the nausea and help my system digest any waste that I would otherwise throw up. At it's worst, the pain is unbearable in my head, and I am feeling waves of nausea. I can't explain it..maybe some of you get these?

    I have narrowed down the root cause of them- exercising on an empty stomach, or exercising without a lot of sleep or food in my system. I can sometimes control them by waiting until after lunch to exercise, eating a big breakfast, and sleeping well. The only problem is that my gym period is scheduled before lunch in school, so this year has been rough.

    Now it's your turn. Have you had a migraine like this? What can I do to prevent them even better and what can I do to ease this killer pain? It's so terrible, I can't compare it to anything. I'm not in the mind to go to the docs and get work done, as it's not a severe thing. I would go to the docs to get medicine for it, though. Anyone has any experience or advice? I'm running cold here, I am at the end of my rope with these things, I can't stand them. I have had enough and I need to know if anyone has anything to share?
    Ugh. I remember migraines. They're every bit of what you describe, and I get a chill just thinking about it. The only relief I ever got from them was unconsciousness... until I stopped having them.

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    Cannabis is the best drug for migraine, but it works only for about 85% of people. If you smoke weed, keep a small joint nearby all the time incase migraine attack. I heard that you dont even have to smoke much to get it go away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    Cannabis is the best drug for migraine, but it works only for about 85% of people. If you smoke weed, keep a small joint nearby all the time incase migraine attack. I heard that you dont even have to smoke much to get it go away.
    I've heard the same thing. I'll keep some at the ready.

    I've stopped having them, though. I can't complain.

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    It really seems that migraine triggers are different for everyone, so what may work for me likely won't work for you.

    One thing that I'd recommend is trying to maintain a consistent schedule for yourself. It may sound boring, but sleeping the same number of hours every day, going to bed and waking up at the same time, eating around the same time, etc seem to help keep my migraines at bay. A neurologist I spoke with recommends not trying to cut triggers out of your life, because there will always be new ones, and systematically removing them would be a never-ending process. Rather, she recommends following the old adage "live your life in moderation." Avoid over-drinking, eating extremely fatty, sugary, etc. foods, avoid oversleeping or getting too little sleep. Obviously, no one can do all of these things all the time, but the healthier and more consistent you can be with your routine, the fewer migraines you may have.

    Some things are obviously out of your hands. For example, most of my migraines lately have been weather-induced. In those situations, I just take it easy on myself as much as possible to make the headaches go by more quickly.

    Hope that helps. I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with them myself. Unfortunately, I rarely have auras to warn me that the worst is coming...

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