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    Ummmm much as I appreciate your effort... I'm done collecting data for the survey. No need to waste effort filling it out anymore... Unless you wanted to tell us about your habits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nightning View Post
    I need to do a survey for a school assignment. If people wouldn't mind helping me out, it'll be great. (Yes I know it's a little long... )

    Please answer the following questions.

    1. Where do you live? (Country) If you're in North America, which state/province?


    2. How many times do you drink milk in a month? I'm referring to a full glass (250mL+) of milk. (choose 1)
    30+ (e.g. daily)
    12-29 (e.g. at least 3 times a week but not every day)
    8-11 (e.g. between 2-3 times a week)
    1-7 (e.g. a few times a month)
    0 (e.g. you don't drink milk)

    Answer: daily

    3. If you don't drink milk, skip to question 6.

    For milk drinkers
    4. How do you usually drink your milk? (choose all that applies)
    Glass of milk separately (for breakfast, before bed? etc)
    Milk with cereal
    Milk in beverage
    Other? Please describe.

    Answer: Glass of milk separately

    5. What sort of milk do you drink? (choose all that applies and indicate reason for preference)
    full-fat (homo, 4%)
    2% milk
    1% milk
    skim milk
    other? specify

    Answer:full-fat, or to sound healthy, whole milk

    7. Do you drink/eat any dairy replacement? If so, what? (eg yogurt, cheese, soy)

    I eat cheese.

    For all
    8. Which of the following would you recommend as a milk replacement for a friend who has problems digesting cow's milk? (Rank from 1st choice to last, a rationale would be nice)

    Soy drink
    low-lactose milk Answer: low-lactose milk(no basis though..don't
    Almond/rice milk know anyone with that problem)
    Goat milk
    Yogurt drink

    9. Re-rank the above list according to nutritional value (highest to lowest, take a guess if you don't know)

    1(highest)-soy drink
    2 -Yogurt drink
    3 -Goat milk
    4 -low-lactose milk
    5 -Almond/rice milk

    10. Re-rank the list according to price (most expensive to least expensive, again take a guess)

    1(most expensive)-Yogurt drink
    2 -soy drink
    3 -low-lactose milk
    4 -Goat milk
    5 -Almond/rice milk

    11. Final check, what do you think my research topic is?
    The frequency of milk drinkers in countries around the world and in the US and the effectiveness of milk alternatives

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