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    yeah...g- virus...that happens to me too...but it's not so often that i've figured out why.
    might be due to anxiety or low blood sugar?? i don't know...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noel View Post
    (Feel free to move if my judgment to post here proves incorrect)

    Allow me to elucidate.

    I've always seen objects 'breathing' since I was a kid: Scrapes from a plastered wall seem to spiral spiral, internet avatars move about, words calmly breathe. I'm not quite sure what factors may contribute to these symptoms, aside from my only trip with mushrooms a little less than two years ago, but I'm at a loss here. A friend suggested to me that sleep loss may have something to do with it, but these visuals occur even after being fully rested. Has or does anyone else experience this? Thoughts?
    I've experienced the same visuals as you and have never taken illicit drugs. The spiral things is the most common, and is sometimes accompanied with a temporary bulge.

    Other weird visuals include thinking peoples eyeballs have bulged out, seeing gates or fences wehre there aren't any, general diziness despite not being sick and not having spun around.

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    I've experienced stuff like this, too. Usually if I'm staring, only for a few seconds. The grain in the door seems to be flowing up or down, or the floor looks as though it is pulsating. I've also seen shapes and faces in the wall patterns and such- sometimes I can pinpoint them just by looking over at them. They're always there. >.>;

    The guitar hero thing happens to me every single time I play. Though, I think that is fairly common as my friend says it has happened to her as well. Your eyes have to readjust to things not moving or something like that...I assume, anyhow.
    The picture of the sun had the same effect on me. I only looked at it for a few seconds before it looked as though the center [face] was 'breathing'. I wonder if part of it has to do with the sharp contrast of colors which creates an optical illusion? Not sure. Glad to know I'm not the only one who has these experiences, though. It isn't debilitating, but can get sort of creepy after a while.
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