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    Default Becoming an unsitter.

    I wasnt always; but my last regeneration was a sitter.

    My current regeneration is not; my last one didnt start out to be, but lacked my wisdom, and injured himself by trying to get back into it too instensely, because two regenerations ago, we broke bones and became a sitter. *Does the calculations, caries the me* Yes, two regenerations ago was the sitter, no wait, is that three now? Never mind, the point is; I need to get back into being active again, working out and moving more, and when I do sit, like I have no idea what I'm doing posture wise, I've not used a chair properly since I was strapped into a car seat, I'm like a cat. But alas, I'm not a cat anymore. My degeneration has begun, I cant rely on the clones anymore.

    Does anyone have posture advice for someone who carries themselves too rigidly?

    Also what are some good fitness activities that you enjoy (and preferably why you enjoy them) that help with toning and flexibility, and strength without bulk. I'm asking for a friend.

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    I would appreciate posture advice also. Though the friend I'm asking for slouches and isn't overly stiff.

    Yoga and pilates are probably good candidates for you for strength, toning, and flexibility. Maybe someone can recommend some good youtube videos? Or you can likely take a class (probably what you would prefer?)

    Dance can also be good. Particularly belly dance because it really does work on strengthening and toning your arms and stomach and butt and etc. I adore this lady... YouTube Just make sure you're mindful of your knees and don't lock them.

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    I appreciate a challenge. That's what motivates me... envisioning being able to do something that is hard, and that most people can't do well or even hate. I have this secret desire to be able to impress people by doing something random they would never think I could do. Like, say, maybe deadlift 250 lb (that would be twice my body weight, and I was only up to my body weight when I was working out regularly). I really wanna get kickass at pull-ups. I can already do a 5 minute plank (switching positions every 30-60 seconds but never lowering to the floor).

    Anyway, find what motivates you, and start small. Also, even though it sounds weird, just moving your body in different but normal ways is a good start. Like... focus on how to sit down, get up, reach for things, bend over, etc... listen to your intuition and adjust how you carry yourself and move. Stretch your hamstrings while you brush your teeth. Flex your abs in the car to straighten and strengthen your core. That sort of thing.

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    Shoulders back and square, chest out, straighten spine. Use a wall to get a feel for how its suppose to feel. Get an exercise ball for a chair (helps). Tuck in your stomach as much as possible all the time, all day. Do stretches like yoga or TRX to get back into the feel.
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