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    Default The Vaping Hysteria and Actual Facts on Vaping

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    thanks for this, it was handy.

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    JUUL Blamed for Collapsed Lung | American Council on Science and Health

    The lung resides within a “wrapper” called the pleura that eases the movement of the lung against the chest wall and maintains a negative pressure to help keep the lung expanded. When the air gets inside this wrapper, between the chest wall and the lung, it can cause the lung to collapse – pneumothorax is the medical term. Air can get into the pleura in two ways, through external trauma, e.g. stabbing or a fracture of your rib or through the lung itself when a bleb (a small “bubble” or area of lung tissue that has lost its supporting components) ruptures allowing the free flow of air from the lung into the pleura.

    Spontaneous pneumothorax is caused by blebs and is most often experience by --- wait for it, young men, say late teens early twenties. So, the most likely cause of the young man’s collapsed lung was not toxic chemicals but a bleb. But a repentant JUUL smoker with an injury is too tempting to ignore even if the science is a bit off.

    Something else worth noting, the bleb rupturing can be caused by any deep inhalation. That means that kid in Florida could have taken a deep breath with or without a mouthful of vape and potentially caused said rupture which lead to his collapsed lung. For The Daily Mail, his doctor, or himself to blame his problem directly on vaping is irresponsible and may not be entirely accurate.

    I'm not saying vape devices or those JUUL units are totally healthy or not without their dangers or side effects, but it would be nice if the news stories reporting on his ordeal had been a little more careful in presenting the facts.

    Also, people need to be clear on the distinction between Mod units and E-cigs. I've heard a lot of people use E-cig as a catchall term for any type of vaping device. That is incorrect. E-cigs are little "pod" units like Juuls, or those Blu brand units. Mods are the larger batteries with a glass tank attached, usually. Most of the health problems recently reported have been associated E-cigs/pod units.

    That's not to say mods are entirely safe. Problems with the mod units tend to involve exploding batteries due to misuse. Many now are designed to shutoff before overheating, or they are designed with a sort of quick release so the unit automatically ejects the battery out of the bottom if it starts overheating.

    And for that matter, mod units and e-cigs shouldn't be assumed to be OK for THC-based products. Personally, I wouldn't recommend using any THC juice, but if one must, they should probably buy a unit specifically designed and marketed for THC-based juices. And they should know exactly what ingredients are included, in what percentages, and what effects those ingredients may cause when inhaled in vapor form.

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    You sound more passionate about this topic than, well, anyone else on the forum.

    I kinda don't care about vaping either way, although with many more people doing it nowadays, we'll end up determining whether there is any true risk or not in short order.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Totenkindly View Post
    You sound more passionate about this topic than, well, anyone else on the forum.
    What's your point? No one is asking you or anyone else to care or waste their time reading this thread.

    Sorry, there's a lot of current hysteria and false information floating around, and it's leading to gut reactions like bans or proposed bans.

    People have been vaping for several years now, and there have been very few deaths--most accidents up until recently involved exploding units due to people using them improperly. Most cases of "popcorn lung" are related to Diacetyl, and many companies have since removed that ingredient.

    People are suddenly dying now in what are still statistically insignificant numbers, and many people are rushing to blame all vaping, failing to check the facts. Almost all of the recent deaths and illnesses have been a result of THC based liquids, or black market liquids containing unsafe ingredients. People need to know this, but unfortunately the popular narrative seems to be that all vaping is to be blamed, even though the sudden rise and illness in deaths didn't begin until after the rise in use of said black market and THC-based liquids and devices. Regarding teens using it, the answer should be to regulate and restrict their access further, not to punish responsible older users who've been using something for years that is less harmful than smoking, fast food, and driving fast.

    I kinda don't care about vaping either way
    Fair enough. No one has asked you to care. Thanks for sharing your non-opinion.

    Great although with many more people doing it nowadays, we'll end up determining whether there is any true risk or not in short order.
    This is true. What is also true is that there's already a wealth of studies and information on vaping, despite the "we still don't know much about it" mantra that people keep repeating.

    We do know there is a true risk from using black market products, THC-based liquids, and anything containing diacetyl or vitamin E. This needs to be explained better in any news reports, and any lawmakers advocating bans should instead advocate better regulation and severe punishments for anyone selling products with those specific ingredients, especially to minors.

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    So what is causing the deaths? Its not just bias, people are dead.
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    I personally don't care if people insist on some deadly habit. The world is far too overpopulated to protect everyone from themselves the way we do.
    Also, free will and all. It's their choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    So what is causing the deaths? Its not just bias, people are dead.
    As I have already pointed out, the vast majority of deaths have been caused by black market products and/or devices. Often THC based. Because cannabis is a relatively safe drug to smoke, some people therefore assume it's safe in vaping devices, which isn't necessarily the case. In some cases, people think that cannabis wax is OK to melt down and add to vaping juice. That is highly dangerous, as most vaping devices do not produce the level of heat required to make those waxes safe for inhalation. Vitamin E oil has also been linked to many deaths. Vitamin E is beneficial as a supplement taken in pill form, but when used as an oil additive to vaping products, it is highly dangerous.

    In the state of New York, of every ill person who submitted their devices and products for testing, each case was linked to high levels vitamin E acetate.

    source: Vaping deaths: Here's what you need to know - CNN

    Exclusive: Lung doctors tell why and how Oregon vaping victim died -

    "Two Portland doctors say vaping marijuana oils likely led to the death of the Oregon patient they tried to save earlier this summer"

    It's no surprise then that these types of deaths began to occur after said THC-based and black market products became easy to access and obtain. Vaping itself is not the issue, it's what people are using in their devices. People need to be clear on this before they start calling for the banning of all vaping.

    There wasn't an epidemic before THC based products began to appear. There will be no continuing epidemic if said THC based products are banned and removed from the market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuu View Post
    I personally don't care if people insist on some deadly habit. The world is far too overpopulated to protect everyone from themselves the way we do.
    Also, free will and all. It's their choice.
    Thank you. I'm all for people going swimming in the ocean, driving automobiles, vaping, having unprotected oral sex with people they met on tinder, etc. It's their choice. Regarding kids doing those things, that's a different story, and yes, there should be much stronger regulations in place regarding minors and tobacco or nicotine based products. And there should probably be a ban on vaping marijuana. It's giving a bad name to non-marijuana based vaping.

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    We need a new plague and this is it. So I hope this stays unregulated and untouched for quite a while.

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