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    Question Query to females regarding lower body waxing/threading, etc.

    I specify “females” due to inherent differences in physical anatomy that could be a factor in figuring this out.

    might delete later due to the intimate nature of the topic

    I’ve never waxed before, except my eyebrows a million yrs ago.

    I’m having hip surgery in September, so I’m asking about this now to give myself time to research places in the area if I decide to go with this.

    I’ve been shaving my legs since I was 7, and my vulva since puberty. I’ve always had insanely sensitive skin and equally insanely coarse hair. This is a physical comfort thing. I realize I’m probably a weird minority in that regard, but thought I should note it so I don’t get replies suggesting I just “be comfortable & go natural!” It’s not the stubble that bothers my skin, it’s the actual hair having contact with my skin at all. Again, I know that’s weird.

    So hip surgery. I’m not going to be able to shave anything but my pits due to range of motion limitations. But I want to be comfortable. Every little bit helps. This would basically be a one-time thing, if at all.

    Would professionally waxing a day or so prior to surgery be worth it? Compared to shaving - how long do those areas stay smooth, in your experience, before growth shows up? Same question for threading, which I know less about. Pretty sure ROM limitations are at least a few weeks.

    What should I look for in a waxing salon if I decide to do this? How much does it cost on average? Any red flags I should look out for to determine how safe/clean a place is? What topical products would you suggest to prep my skin or minimize irritation afterward? Is there a specific type of wax I should make sure the salon uses? Specific technique? I’m out of my element, here.

    Any info or experiences are welcome. I’ll be researching this independently, as well as consulting my dermatologist if I can get an appt in before September.

    Thx in advance.
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    I have waxed armpits, eyebrows, upper lip, and "down there" before.

    Regarding Brazilians, the results tend to last about 2-3 weeks (for smoothness), depending on your rate of hair growth. The hair needs to be at least 1/4 inch long and it's more painful if you're on your period. It works pretty well but it's fairly expensive ($45-$60). The pain level is moderate but it kind of depends on your pain tolerance (shorter hair length = less pain).

    Stay away from super cheap strip mall places or super cheap salons. I would look for a salon with a licensed esthetician or place that specializes in waxing (like European Wax Center). They need to know how to hold skin properly while pulling or it will be extra painful.

    They use either soft or hard wax and will tend to have the supplies set up.

    EDIT: it should say 1/4 inch. @Lexicon
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    Waxing is an excellent way to go. I just have less body hair generally as I age so, I only need it about every three months. A licensed esthetician is the only thing I would recommend, stay away from spas and salons that do nails and waxing. I would have it done earlier than one day before the surgery, at least a few days, more like week if this is the first time.
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