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    I don't think it has anything to do with health. It's just how people want to present themselves. It doesn't harm anyone, so my philosophy is just to not pay too much attention to it. It is what it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LucieCat View Post
    I don't think it has anything to do with health. It's just how people want to present themselves. It doesn't harm anyone, so my philosophy is just to not pay too much attention to it. It is what it is.
    Unfortunately two replies in this thread couldn't help but mention homosexuality and mental illness. Even if nothing about it impacts their life, they must make their comments, usually followed by some proclamation about how much they don't actually care.
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    Right now, I want to treat my body to turtle cheesecake.
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    Females ?

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    I don't know what you're talking about.
    I've never used a fleshlight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shinedowness View Post
    You may see a lot of females have shaved their bodies except for their scalp, wear makeup, have high heels on, put fancy shoes on, and/or cover their bodies with stereotypically feminine clothes such as bras, flowery shirts, dresses, burqas, etc. What do you think of the health of a female that does not shave at all, does not wear makeup, never wears high heels, and covers her body with stereotypically masculine clothes such as suits, ties, etc?
    It’s doubtful that anyone here (myself included) is qualified to assess the health of a [real or hypothetical] female for any reason.

    From what I do understand, clothing choices are not an inherent diagnostic indicator of anything, though certain types of clothing under certain environmental conditions can of course leave one vulnerable to exposure to cold temperatures (increasing risk of tissue damage from frostbite, or hypothermia), or to damaging UV rays (resulting in an increased risk of tissue damage from thermal trauma & increased risk of developing skin cancer). The wrong shoes (particularly high heels) can lead to a host of gait, spine & joint disorders/deformities down the road. Ill-fitting clothing can lead to blood clots in the legs, which can travel to the lungs & lead to pulmonary embolism. But the clothing choice itself doesn’t reveal anything about someone’s health.

    Hair grooming and makeup application are not alone diagnostic indicators of anything, either. The personal reasons for these choices are myriad, and not likely to be related to any medical condition in a random human, regardless of genitalia.

    In short, there is no objective evidence supporting the notion that deviation from established cultural norms [regarding personal appearance] is an indicator in & of itself of one’s overall health or functional capacity.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Deadpan View Post
    I don't know what you're talking about.
    I've never used a fleshlight.

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    I think people would probably bring up mental health and sexuality if it were a male adhering to norms typically assigned to females (eg: shaved legs, plucked eyebrows, makeup, etc.) I'm not arguing for any of them... I imagine there would be more viscereal reactions if some of the members hadn't been fools in general and gotten themselves banned... IDK.

    It's about the ability to make any choice that won't result in a gender norm backlash accompanying some strange assumptions about the hypothetical person who's simply, presumably, being themselves.

    Anyway, I see makeup etc. as something that makes things in life more convenient - males can wear makeup too, just like females - in some aspects. Physical grooming or the lack thereof should be a personal choice. I think it requires some bravery and self-confidence to do what society doesn't expect of you, looks-wise.
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    *strips naked and grows a penis* what now bitches?
    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so

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    Honestly, who cares? Let people do what they want with their own bodies. It reminds me of how the old saying was that in Judaism for example, if you got a tattoo you couldn't get buried with Jewish rites after you died...that's totally ignored now from what I know.
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