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    I think my biggest one is, simply put; “Own your shit.”

    Accidents happen, mistakes are made. We’re supposed to learn from them not make excuses to escape them. But I find, more and more that people seem to think that they need to be protected from the consequences of their own ( often poor) choices. They think that they should be able to enjoy free will while never having to suffer the reactions to those actions. They get to live in the moment, have their fun, but it’s not fair that they have to the pay the DUI fine later. They eat junk food, sit around for decades and get diabetes but think the treatment should be made easier and easier until it’s “ Just pop this pill and go on with your garbage lifestyle.” instead of putting in wirk to get better.

    They have these commercials now where they will pay yo7 to lose weight. Which is just gross. It’s a reward for a reward-which is how people think the world should work all the time. It isn’t positive/negative keep everything in balance.
    “ Rise up and raise the iron roof off
    Now, Rise up and riot 'til the bomb drops
    Now, Rise up the time is right to sound off, so
    Rise with me, rise with me, rise with me (RISE UP!)”
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    Quote Originally Posted by Julius_Van_Der_Beak View Post
    Always do best for Mother Russia.
    Okay, this caused a spit take!

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