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    Default How to stay positive when surrounded by negativity?

    What's something positive you try to keep in mind when negativity surrounds you?

    "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too, can become great." Mark Twain

    "Beware of those people that drain you of everything and give you nothing in return. They are the emotional version of emotional and spiritual vampires." Unknown

    "How do I deal when facing a conflict? When and if I become triggered I try riding the storm of emotion out. I say, "And this too shall pass." Maybe, tomorrow I will have a more pleasant day. It is rolling with the punches. I always am hoping always for the best.

    (1) I try handling a difficult crises or topics I find repellent with a realistic and pragmatic stance. I ask myself what I reasonably can do? Problems however do not solve themselves. It takes a willing heart, focus and determination in order to enact societal change. If it is within my power then I will act accordingly to correct an injustice. Barring this course of action, I then if applicable I will alert a higher authority who has some power over the situation such as a teacher, parent, boss, legal recourse, or the police. I seek to problem solve and not cast blame nor castigate the other person.

    (2) I refocus on what I can do to take back a measure of control. I do what I can do at the moment even if it's not what I initially intended. This gives one a measure and sense of accomplishment. Doing this can help recharge one's batteries and increase clarity of mind. Thus we are less likely to do something irrational and most certainly not in our best interests. Walking away from the situation for awhile can give you time for a solution to become more readily apparent.

    (3) If this course of action does not bear fruit then I do not dwell or ruminate on what I can't change. I don't dwell, ruminate or go in a circular defeated pattern like a snake trying to devour its own head. A new fresh perspective is needed. To ruminate is as to sink into a quagmire of quicksand derived from our own thinking and thus become prey to self induced suffering produced by our own thoughts. We allow our thoughts in effect to become our enemy. Not trying to exercise cognitive restraint is a by product of an undisciplined mind. It shows a lack of emotional, spiritual as well psychological health. What's more it shows a lack of maturity and development."
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    I was blessed with a terminally optimistic attitude-or maybe it’s ADHD-in any case I am regularly surrounded by negativity through the scope of my profession. Rather than stay out of it, I find myself in the depths of it. Not overcome by the negativity of others, but certainly reaching out for it in an effort to lighten the load of my fellow human being. Now that we have established there is ‘no staying out of it’, there is only ‘what do we do with it’? Lots of grounding-walking meditation, processing through music, talking or the repetition of ‘doing’ (a good workout at the gym really helps with this). Visualization, guided imagery, and meditation are good, friendly practices too to shake off the negative willies.

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