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    “I go for deep talks and conversations on important queries of life. I’ll give an analogy of what it is to talk with a hypothetical NF. I was an amateur chess champion on a team matches 12 best against 12 best. No one touched my father, he had to have spatial intelligence.

    I’d need to do a Myers Briggs test on him to fully determine his type but I give him *ENTJ (with asterisk for it’s not fully defined). When he taught me, he beat me hands down. Whereupon I mastered the game of chess I beat him.

    However it was a Flow state (Flow: Pivotal classic in psychology by (not sure of the spelling therefore-*Czhishwiskwski*), a state of timelessness and endlessness. A heightened mental plateau of thought. It was an endorphin metropolis and a high intellectual stimulation for myself.

    My CPU (Moves calculated in a minute is a base 39 moves). In humility what I can’t do is a grandmaster 50 or an entire game plan scheme. It took me 40-60 minutes to wrestle that man’s mind. We played 2-3 sets so that’s 2-3 hours.

    Dialoging with an NF is like a back and forth smooth tennis paddle swing; back and forth. I could easily dialogue with a peer for 2-3 hours.

    I have some sense of humor. At the clinic I go to are an INF female Rn, a PA female INFP (Physicians Assistant), Kelley INFP a female bachelors, a Psy.D female INFP and a female INFP Masters Behavior Coordinator.

    We’re basically contemporaries. I call her mam as courteous. I tell her it is like a sign of respect. I accord her the rank of Colonel in the United States Army and refer to her as Lady Dianne. It’s refreshing we have intelligent conversations and we are both elder intuitive’s.

    They all have a higher estrogen level than their female equivalents. I am the lone male high estrogen. I say to Dianne line up all you high estrogen feminine based ladies.

    Then there is a mirror in between. On the other side is the single male masculine INFP. My right eye is your left eye. My left eye is your right eye and we are the 5 female and one lone male brain of the medical center.

    I am a very introverted hermit. It’s because I can’t stand superficial talk on rudimentary very day issues. I had an idea of a closed gated community of NT and NF. Then by all means I’d go and have coffee and have deep to me meaningful deep conversation.” LightSun
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    My version of small talk is jokes. I didn't develop it on purpose, but have watched a lot of comedy. Mostly I try to see life as funny and sometimes share it in chit chat. Like when I went through the checkout at the grocery store and had some tiny whisky bottles - I told the cashier that I get these for myself and my cats. Or at the music store a colleague asked me the difference between a Bodhran and the frame drum I was holding. I said that the technically complex difference is that mine is flatter. I just say goofy stuff like that and I giggle easily in response to what others say, so it is a weird way to make shyness and nervousness work for me. I just let everything strike me funny.

    Circus life under the big top world
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    Mostly I just treat things like a script, like if I'm ordering food or making a phone call. Public speaking too. That's more literally a script, but I treat it like a play script and use it as an outlet for self expression. Also this site gets me out there for sure as well as being online in general, and sitting alone certainly attracts people. They're still trash though. Hermiting, lack of friends, whispering to people though. I don't use much social media nowadays either(mostly here and Discord), but I guess that's not a bad thing.
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    I try to bring comedy in most social conversations. It's something that I guess I learned overtime to help with my social anxiety, but that also comes naturally because I tend to be silly and goofy anyway. The jobs I've had over the years have been in customer service and with time and lots of practice, I've become a lot more confident in my interactions and the way I approach people verbally. Asking questions about them always works, it takes the attention away from me, and there's a pause to collect my thoughts. I also tend to be the person people talk to about their problems, so being the listener has helped as well.
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    I ritualistically consumed the heart of an extrovert and took their power into myself.
    The Sleeper must awaken...
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