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    Default What do you find appealing about cars?

    If you’re a car enthusiast, what about them, draws you to them? Some questions to consider below, but by all means, feel free to respond in this thread however you wish

    Why do you prefer some over others?
    If you were to consider purchasing a car and money was of little concern, what would you tend to gravitate towards?
    Do you find your car to be an extension of you, reflection of your personality, or simply a tool to get the job done? Is the level of status associated with certain brands or cars of interest to you?
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    To some extent I'd say it would be a reflection of me, this doesn't apply to everyone but I would choose a car that suits my style and preferences, a luxury car that emanates elegance and class while having the right "hardware" for the job, I'd still like it to be a strong and imposing car under the hood, not just on the outside.
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    I drive a black sapphire BMW 750li and a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS. Elegance and refinement at their best juxtaposed with monstrous abilities.
    I'm thinking about getting an Aston Martin DB11 for the same stimuli.
    Verily, the impetus to gravitate around these machines is of my alignment with regency and power.

    On the other hand, I'm also planning to get a spacious luxury SUV once I get married and have kids since I'm also a family man. Driving them to school whenever I can and all that family hokum. Tsk.

    The cars might indeed reflect a little bit of myself, however, in the instances where men buy hypercars for the sole reason of asserting an illusory status, I say, I don't think the car or the mansion make the man.
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    Cars have emotional expression to me. Their "face" says something about them. Mean-looking cars with sexy, fast lines are my favorite, and I prefer to date black cars. For the above reasons, I've been thinking about cheating on my silver Saturn Aura. Her optimism and lack of edge have me feeling bored, although I will say she's been pretty reliable and safe. Maybe next year I'll trade her in for a rebellious lean sport utility machine.

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    Just lesser versions of what I've already felt.

    - look it up yourself

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    I usually fancy motorcycles -racing ones, such as Kawasaki Ninja- over cars, but when I fancy cars, they are usually Mercedes models, representing some prestige and durability, while if I buy a car instead of a motorcycle one day, it'd definitely be a cabrio. Mercedes C180 is on the spot for me.
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    They're sexy! (the sexy ones at least).

    Hope there aren't any feminists here, but I like my cars like I like women, Hot and with attitude. I don't really see cars as an extension of myself but a partner. The world is a battlefield and she is my co-pilot!
    Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Wasted Time - Marthe Troly-Curtin,
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    The only car I’ve ever had a hard on for was Mad Max’s Pursuit Special (V8 Interceptor). Before it was blown up.
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    I only like old and beat up cars to be honest.

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    Steering and handling are their biggest appeal. That and enough torque and hp to react and maintain as needed. So, they're an extension of my will.

    Love supercars but they're impractical. You can't drive or park them everywhere and chalking up miles reduces their resale value. There's also no purpose for so much power since we don't have an autobahn. So, if money was no object, I wouldn't bother flushing it down the toilet with a supercar.

    Status is irrelevant to me. I drive a ten year old A4. Bought it new and modded it to meet my needs. It'll be time to flip it soon but I'm waiting for my husband's retirement and subsequent retirement property, to decide what to get. If we emigrate elsewhere, I'll simply sell it and buy where ever we end up, a vehicle to meet our needs. We'll definitely be moving rural so something with 4WD, heavy duty suspension and lifted, to handle rough terrain.

    So to summarize, an extension tool to meet my needs.
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    Same reason I like computers, so I can do things with it. Also style.
    True neutral

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