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    I could see why it may bother some, it borders on the limits of what I am comfortable with sharing. It seems like there is enough responses to warrant a change.

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    I completely agree with you Anja when you say "suicidal people are mentally ill". I mean it's in our dna to want to live, struggle to survive so going the other way is unnatural.
    You have my sympathy for your losses and yes it does make you see the world from a whole different perspective. I think it really makes you stop worrying about the little things and can give you a greater compassion towards people because you now know how bad the "problems" they whine about can get...
    As for me, I've had it the first time at around 14...wondering what would happen out of curiosity too. I rarely have them but when I do it's because I feel that I am in a rut, or that my life is going nowhere (to an extreme extent, because I feel this way most of the time but don't think about it all the time)it's extremely rare. It happened once in June and that was the last time I've..never mind there was July also but yeah that is the last one.
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    FWIW I think about suicide fairly often. Its attraction could probably be reduced to the fact that it's the only form of real change I still believe in (ie death). I doubt I'd ever do it though - mostly because I have a lingering belief in an afterlife and don't think suicide would be the ideal route to enter it. It doesn't stop me thinking about it though. When I'm not kicking stuff in the head.

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    (I just read the ESTJ female boss thread)

    If i'd have an ESTJ boss, i'd be suicidal.
    Anyway. I've only thought about the possibility of dying a couple of times.

    1. When I was bullied, scrawny and repressed in school and had a bad time at home.

    2. My ex dumped me for joining the army. I wanted to become an officer. Then a couple of months into recruit training I injured my left knee and foot + got bad periostitis in both my shinbones. Didn't walk around much (understatement) for about seven months.
    And my knee will always be bad. I can't even be a regular soldier now. This coupled with my immobility and my loss of what I thought was my one and only love definitely made me want to kill myself for a while. Hardly spoke to anyone IRL the first two months. Much has happened since then, though. I don't feel too bad about it now.

    Anyone with similar experiences?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainChick View Post
    I think it is selfish of us to hold a person who commits suicide against them. Like, "damn you, I really wish you could've continued to live in absolute agony so I could be happy knowing and feeling that you exist."

    There is an inherent will to live amongst all of us, when that instinctual will diminishes, some choose to die.
    There's also an inherent will to keep those around us, (at times even those we think we hate) alive, regardless of mental status.
    So be it, that is their prerogative and that is their right.
    So be it, it is our prerogative and our right to try and do so.

    At the same rate:
    There is an inherent will to live amongst all of us, when that instinctual will diminishes, some choose to die.
    There's also an inherent will to keep those around us, (at times even those we think we hate) alive.
    When that instinctual will diminishes, some choose to kill.

    Are you absolutely certain that you, ought to be making the decision on who gets to die -- who has the privilege to die -- who has the right to inflict death?
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    I had enough suicidal thoughts throughout my life that I can't pinpoint the stats for them.

    The worst was at least a nine-month period in 2006-2007 where despite being on meds and in therapy, I had suicidal thoughts nightly, started cutting, and had to make changes in my life to alleviate the self-destructive tendencies. [Might as well just be "out there" with it, I'm not ashamed of it; it's just where we get sometimes, and it means our coping mechanisms are not working.]

    I rarely have them now, usually just when I feel very run down by life concerns and am uncertain about how the future will work out... but the feelings are not frequent nor are they nearly as strong as before, so I just try to examine them to see the source, then move on.

    Looking back on that worst period + my whole life of depression, I see that most of it resulted from feeling like I had no options and no power to make changes... thus, no hope except death to "get out of the cycle." No wonder.
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    I hope to be falling down the list as time goes on. Perhaps I'll have a bad week in a month where I know I do more harm than good, and I don't have the skills to change it. But then the next week I might feel awesome. Thankfully, it's been a long time since anything's stuck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    So, how often do you have suicidal thoughts?

    To be a bit more specific: How often have you given at least momentary consideration to commiting suicide as a result of a negative state of mind?

    Answer with the highest frequency that applies to you.

    Try to also answer based as accurately as you can on your current state of mind. If you had several spells of suicidal thoughts in a cluster many years ago, then pick one of the long term options.

    :::This is a public poll. If that bothers a lot of you, then I can ask to have it made private:::
    To (perhaps) answer your question within:

    No - having thoughts of suicide is not within the profile of a psychologically healthy mind.

    Minus certain biochemical dispositions (for which one should consider professional treatment), suicide is often a profound act of surrender; of giving in to the emotional irresponsibility of hopelessness. This shouldn't suggest any justification for distancing oneself from a person struggling with thoughts of suicide. Compassion is key here.

    For my dime, it is not an intellectually justifiable conclusion to any problem one might feel chained to.

    Fleeting thoughts of suicide when one considers philosophical concepts like mortality; utility of morality; etc. is normal. It's when one platforms theory into practical planning that it becomes dangerous.

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    Just a quick reflection on Jennifer and nocapszy's posts.

    I believe most are in accord that a brain which is focussed on self-destruction is one which isn't functioning correctly.

    Mental illness is tremendously widespread. One in four Americans will experience it at some point in their lives. Usually it takes the form of depression. And as someone else here mentions, why not?

    Look at the state of things. Any thinking and feeling person certainly is justified in feeling discouraged.

    And here's something many don't know. That if you stay in a depressed state long enough your brain chemistry can alter to the point when your brain will not manufacture its own feel-good chemicals any more.

    So to assume that a person is making an informed decision about offing themselves is erroneous. They are ill and they need help to get well. If they are able to accomplish that with help their brain will function at a level normal enough to not want to die.

    The amount of time money and effort it takes is daunting and it is sometimes easier for everyone involved to just chuck it. Darwin, ya know. Let 'em go.

    And mentally disturbed people can be such a pain in the butt that sometimes people do get to that point of not trying to help anymore.

    But then - that thought about hiding one's sucidal tendencies? That part of the problem. Our society places such a hard judgement on mental illness that people are afraid to seek help.

    Odd thing. We don't judge people with cancer. We feel compassion for them.

    Maybe it's because of the behavioral problems that mentally ill people exhibit?

    But they're out there in huge numbers. Functioning just like everybody else and under considerable handicap.
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    Happened to me back in April. And also back about three years to a lesser degree. In April I thought pretty seriously about it though, researched which way, went to suicide-help websites, cried a lot..
    In the end I told myself I could never do it, so I pushed the thoughts out of my mind. I realized I am too scared that it might mess up and I would become a vegetable or something. I also have a belief in the afterlife even though it's not a structured one, and like Jeff I find suicide to be the less than ideal way to enter it. When I'm close to death I want to look back on my life and be content.

    Oh and, it has only happened those two times in my life. But I'm pretty young and I'm not done with the majority of my life yet. If I were to say that that will be the only two times in my life, I would be ignoring the obvious fact that those thoughts could happen again.
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