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View Poll Results: How often do you have suicidal thoughts?

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  • Once a week or more.

    18 15.00%
  • Once a month or more.

    19 15.83%
  • Once a year or more.

    13 10.83%
  • Once every few years.

    8 6.67%
  • Once or twice in my life.

    26 21.67%
  • Never.

    36 30.00%
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    phallus impudicus
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    Dec 2016


    I can't average the answer out. It's an on or off thing, but there is no consistency to it. I can be fine for a long stretch of time, or I can suddenly drop into suicidal desire if something triggers a flashback response (rare but intense when it happens), or I can generally just want to be dead for weeks or months, or there have been times when I knew exactly how I would do it and had a mental inventory of supplies on hand and a plan for action.

    It's either there or it's not, but there isn't a consistent pattern of frequency or intensity, which is almost unfortunate in a way (it's always unfortunate, but perhaps I could combat it more successfully if it were more predictable).

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    The Unwieldy Clawed One Falcarius's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Dino None


    Still what Falcarius said like 13 years ago; like never, with the exception of a year where he was really really depressed about 6 years ago where he felt constantly suicidal.
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    filling some space UnitOfPopulation's Avatar
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    Yawn, I did have suicidal thoughts 15 years ago. They were fucking serious. What do I care of it now?

    I don't have suicidal thoughts now. Or have I had for quite some time.

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    Wholesome and Platonic Frosty's Avatar
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    Apr 2015


    I think often that the world would be better of if I was dead. Ive made plans a few times, been seriously suicidal way too often, and still get occasional thoughts. I would say that though I get them probably a few times a week- they dont tend to be serious until they start adding up. And a few times a week of “maybe the world would just be better off” isnt serious enough to make me “suicidal”.

    I am probably “suicidal”... IDK... once a year or so. Which is way too much, but Im going to try to work on making myself as stable as possible and preventing, or at least lessening, the impact of my next depressive episode

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    CEO of GEO тень's Avatar
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    Weekly, though ideation isn't exactly the same as actual attempts. My suicidal tendencies are more of a reflex than an actual action.

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    To the waters of the wild Siúil a Rún's Avatar
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    I can often feel like I don't want to live into the future, but I have a strong moral position against suicide for myself (I don't judge others for many reasons). I know it would devastate my sister and family and I have cats to take care of. If I reach a point where I really make a choice against living, I will likely put my affairs in order and join a high risk group that saves animals. Like I will go and fight the dog meat markets overseas and do stuff that could help something innocent, but could also get me killed. I'm not at that point, but am struggling with clinical depression. I've made a decision to be pragmatic about my existence and my death. If I have agency to lessen pain in some capacity, then that is my charge first.
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    the pandemic started causing them, maybe like twice a week, can't judge if I'm serious about it, but they do appear in my head
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    Senior Member Jaguar's Avatar
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    Who, if not you. When, if not now.

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    @.~*virinaĉo*~.@ Totenkindly's Avatar
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    A lot back in my 20's and 30's, because of being trans and other life trauma. I have a naturally depressive personality and a bent towards considering a lot of things.

    In my 40's and onwards, since I ended up resolving a lot of stuff (in part because of the intensity of the self-destructive thoughts), only rarely and not that seriously -- not at all like before.
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    Senior Member prplchknz's Avatar
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    In no likes experiment.

    that is all

    i dunno what else to say so :hi:

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