I figured, and please do not laugh, that there are housed two souls within my breast. On the one hand there is that self-flirting egomaniac, who has an improvised answer to everything to shut everyone else down and stand alone in the cold on the hill. Who bears no tolerance for nothing besides his own visions.

And on the other hand, there is that eager mathematics adorer. Who, when he emerges, shuts the other person completly down and vice versa.

I have a new job, where I need to do some calculation for a project aiming to make my hometown the cultural city of the year 2015 . Yeah, it is a far shot, but we are gonna do it . I am working as a student there and do not get much money or hard tasks but the mathematics are still challenging.

So, I figured the people in my bureau talk to much. Yesterday I brought my headphones and listened to GOA all day long, while making my calculations. Of course everyone was eager to know what I am listening to and they got repelled , but I like the harmony in it.

The downside of this story is, I nearly loose every ability of verbal communication after an hour of music or so. And I am starting to act strangely, what I notice but can not change in those moments.


So what is your opinion about it ? Does auxiliary Ti work best with music ?