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    You now how a lot of fictional characters have their "Thing?" Their weird little beliefs which they ramble about, beliefs on topics that most people don't even give much thought to?
    Well, here's my cue;

    I find freedom simply in my own free will ( does that sound redundant.)
    Everything we do, every time you make a decision to enact our will upon the world we are choosing to accept both good and bad.
    Every time I've made a mistake, every time I get caught. I relish it. Because I made the decision to do something. I could have just as easily not done it. But even the consequences, no matter how shitty, happen because I acted. I took control. To take responsibility for one’s actions is the greatest expression of free will, when people refuse to do so I see it as an afront to that gift which only humans have..

    An extension of this is the freedom over my own mind. The phrase " We are all masters of our own universe." was not coined by Rick and Morty. It's been around for a while and it's something I strongly believe in.
    I have never understood those who are overly emotional, who react to and express everything and then blame circumstances. No, circumstances cannot MAKE you react in any sort of way.
    I feel freedom in my own stoicism. The world can throw all kinds of shit at me and it can't FORCE me to feel something, it can't FORCE me to react on any emotions that I do feel.
    “ Rise up and raise the iron roof off
    Now, Rise up and riot 'til the bomb drops
    Now, Rise up the time is right to sound off, so
    Rise with me, rise with me, rise with me (RISE UP!)”
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    Just being able to make informed choices.

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    I was thinking about this the other night, I was watching a reality TV which has people watching TV shows combined with clips from the show and their reaction, they had a politician who does shows, he has previously focused on trains, like a lot of UK elite pundits or figures lately (or so I think), but this one was about huge abandoned buildings.

    Anyway, he went into a huge abandoned prison, he did a lot of talking about how he had recurrent nightmares about being locked up in prison and the people viewing at home went wild laughing about that saying that there had to be guilt for something because people dont have recurrent dreams about things never likely to happen to them, like crashing a space rocket or something, as those things never occur to them.

    The thing was the actual cell that he went into looked alright, it had a bunk, bathroom, it was for a single person, I've actually stayed (and not for a short time even) in accomodation which was about the same size or smaller and didnt have an en suite bathroom, it had a study desk and all too, it actually reminded me of some small purpose made student accomodation I've seen on the more cheap ass, poverty NI university campuses.

    I actually watched it and thought to myself, wait, I could really make that work, its not too different to the existence the guy had in The Vault in LOST, which is one of my things actually as I'd like to live like that if I could, at least as an experiment.

    It made me think about what the nature of freedom is and how it is valued, how much or how little deprivation of liberty in institutions resembles or does not resemble life in the everyday for some people. Especially for those people who are most likely to wind up in and out of prison. I heard about a prison in the UK that at a head count they discovered additional people as someone had put a ladder up against the wall and people had snuck in. Freedom could not have meant much to those people if they were sneaking into prison.

    When I think of most people I know, if its ever come up in conversation, the free of prisons is not about the actual loss of freedom, to roam or anything else, its generally been about being landed in the constant and close company of a bunch of criminals liable to do criminal things to you, which is pretty different to any concern about freedom. Anyway, just some thoughts for the Freedom thread. Dont think its off topic.

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