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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace_ View Post
    I think it's nice. Encouragement and compliments are free, yet they help to improve your mood and confidence.

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    The only problem is when you're giving fake encouragement or fake compliments.
    This does certainly seem to be the crux of the matter.

    That and a possible culture of cynicism. I'm still thinking about it.

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    Post-its and generalised compliments do nothing for me, since these messages are useful only in the context of someone knowing something about the situation/person and choosing to comment well (earnestness presumed). It's essentially a performative act that's meant to make the poster feel good about themselves for being a good person without actually having to put in real effort. It's like "thoughts and prayers".
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    I'd think it's fucking fake and forced. There's no way that someone would care deeply about 4,000 kids in the school. I'd probably just be irritated because I'd know they didn't mean it.
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