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    bigotry. transphobia, homophobia, racism and all the horrible ways people try to justify it and come to its defense. -_-
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    Having a fragile ego

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    I have seen people dismissed as "karens", though, when they are complaining about things that legitimately need to be fixed. People who are willing to speak up and be insistent, despite the pushback from those in charge, the disapproval of onlookers, and the hurdles often put in place to prevent it, often end up doing us all a favor by getting problems fixed and situations improved.

    (Nevermind the negative affects of this term on people actually named Karen - like one of my cousins.)
    That is a good way to look at it. Yeah, I can understand if there's a problem is there that needs to be fixed, like an allergen or getting the wrong order. It's when they start to humiliate the employees, or put so much time into things that can easily be fixed that I really start to get steamed. When you can really here the seething anger in their voice. I've had customers actually named Karen that were perfectly kind-maybe the term is being overused a bit. I do have some guilt of acting like one-well it wasn't to the staff themselves. I was one when I was 10-I remember I ordered milk at a fair and then said chocolate quickly afterwards and no one heard me and I really should have expected that. My milk was just chilling there, and they asked why it was and I said it's cause I wanted chocolate. I remember too my mom ordered for me at a restaurant-I pointed at a "Baja Burger", and I said I wasn't sure how to pronounce that so I thought she would have registered that I didn't know how to say Baja but she ordered the thing above it. I could have just corrected her but instead I just whined when the dish arrived to the table and I said, "I am not eating that!". It's been years but I still beat myself up over that.
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    I just dislike when people seem indifferent to everyone's feelings but their own.

    It reminds me of how in horror movies, the villains will put you through Hell and ignore all your screams n stuff. But the minute you fight back and do something as small as poke them in the eye, they're like "Ow, my eye!!!" How does that work?
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    I don’t know what my least favorite quality in people are. But I know I find it REALLY UNATTRACTIVE when people lack self reflection. An inability for introspection and self awareness and self control. Falling for every impulse and whatever storm might hit you in life. THAT is very unattractive to me. Resilience is sexy.

    Also, an inability to make mental connections and people who are too literal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julius_Van_Der_Beak View Post
    Insistence on conflict (especially waged through subtle, indirect means, rather than openly) and throwing your weight around just for the sake of it. Oh, and the fact that some people don't like that doesn't necessarily mean they are weak or a pushover.

    Idiocy and ignorance, on the other hand, I can usually forgive tolerate.
    Yeah, I don't like this either. Personally, I am not a passive or subtle person--I tend to be very direct. Some people have falsely accused me of being passive-aggressive when I wasn't, though.

    Disliking conflict doesn't make a person a weakling or a pushover, but not standing your own ground because you can't deal with it does...or at least, in that one area (strength has multiple definitions / facets). I think being passive-aggressive is a part of weakness also...part of why if I have something to say to someone, I outright say it, I don't beat around the bush about things. I've been straightforward and direct since I was little though. It's not something I'm afraid to do, I'm a bold person.

    Does anyone throw their weight around for the sake of it though? That seems like some sort of shallow understanding of what's going on tbh.

    Re: what I said above about "idiocy" - was a vent about a very specific situation with a now-ex / then-bf that is not on here who I would try and try to talk things out with, only to be met by a wall. So I'd say it was more like he kept invalidating my feelings / views, refusing to listen, and then coming up with his own ideas of what things were. Not idiocy.

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    Those of us who think, on a site devoted to the measurement of personality, they have carte blanche to comment on the personality of others.

    We comment on the personality of others, when we want to manipulate them, and are insecure in our own personality.

    A secure person respects their own boundaries and the boundaries of others, and limits themselves to the issues, and to speaking about themselves.

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    Bigotry, arrogance, being mean just to be mean without any reason, people who make mean jokes/talk bad about others and say others are too sensitive but the moment you fight back/make a mean joke about them they get offended and cry about it

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    Victim complex

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    Cruelty, or excessive and unwarranted cynicism or bitterness.
    "And the point is to live everything. Live the questions now."

    "Expect the end of the world. Laugh. Laughter is immeasurable."
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