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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre View Post

    I kind of thought it would be rude to ask.

    Do you care to share your experience?
    Sure! My blogs used, I had them deleted, used to be full of me talking about this stuff. Not sure if this is the best place to get into things in full, dont want to detract from the thread, but yeah... I have some mental health issues.

    This is actually a really good idea.

    Made a thread.

    Mental Illness- Share Your Experience

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    I remember reading these things. I think they're cute and raise awareness but its a lot deeper than these short descriptions. I think it is a decent STARTING point...

    After all,
    How can you run from what is inside of you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectre View Post
    I found this artists work interesting.
    Real Monsters

    He has been drawing monsters representing different mental illnesses.

    Do you think this way of viewing it is helpful? As an entity?

    A thought of my own is that according to the big five, a lot(if not most) of mental illnesses has their root in high levels of neurotisism.
    By that reason its not uncommon for a high neuroticism scorer to suffer from several conditions.
    With that in mind, I think it should be illustrated as a hydra. Neuroticism as its body but it manifests itself by showing its many ugly heads(the specific conditions).

    Anyways, what are your thoughts?
    It's an interesting idea, but I found the concept confusing in execution. Are the monsters supposed to be the diseases themselves, or creatures that cause that the diseases? It seemed like the person who came up with the idea couldn't make up their mind.

    The one for sleep disorder was pretty clever, though.
    Another criticism I have is that the monsters are too cute. For the idea to really work well, they'd have to be more horrific or disgusting-looking.
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    I think this is a really creative idea. And I think it is also a good way to draw people's attention to mental health problems, which are so often unseen.

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    As someone who has DID (dissociative identity disorder), my first reaction was to be offended, because I thought at first that the artist was calling anyone who has a mental illness "monsters". However, after reading some of the descriptions (starting with the one for DID, of course), I realized that they were intending for the "monsters" to be the illnesses themselves, that are attacking the "victims", i.e., the people who have those illnesses. I do think that the artist had good intentions. However, while the artist did make an attempt to educate the audience about some of the symptoms of each disorder, they are missing the point if they think their art is truly reducing stigma. Yes, their art makes the point that people with mental illnesses are not monsters themselves, but rather victims of traumatic events, or in some cases genetics. But that is only half of the stigma that we face. The other half is the stigma that we are JUST victims, and that is all we are capable of being. People tend to think of those of us with mental illness as people who can't function in "normal" society, and constantly struggle their entire lives just to try to live a halfway decent life. While some of us struggle more than others, with the proper treatment, many of us can learn to live happy, healthy, productive lives. In the case of DID, contrary to what many think, it's not even necessary to "merge" all of our identities back together into one, whole person. In fact, after trying to do that for nine years and failing every time, we met a therapist who taught us that we can learn to accept our multiplicity and cooperate with and love each other, and we began to make much more progress much quicker. The point I'm trying to make is, just because we have a mental illness, that doesn't mean we are weak. We have to be strong to have survived everything we have been through, and to pursue healing. It's not easy to heal from DID or any other mental illness, but it can be done with perseverance. It seems that this artist, while well-intentioned, misses that point. They fall into the trap of portraying people with mental illness as the perpetual victim, which actually reinforces the stigma against us.

    Anyway, that's my two cents' worth.

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    Interesting article. I would like to see what the ASPD or the NPD would look like.

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    Oh, here we go again.
    Psychopaths aren't mentally ill. They have a severe personality disorder, not a chemical imbalance in their brains. Medication can't "fix" psychopathy. Real mental illness is genetic and chemical and physical. There is no personality for mental illness, it's an illness like any other. I don't like when enneagram books say that, for instance, Sevens are the type who have bipolar disorder. That is incorrect. Anyone can have a mental illness.
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