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    For me personally I get a sense of connection, the chance to have fun with others and the fact I can debate ideas, things and people (I am not afraid to debate all things a true great mind can discuss people,events and ideas ). I also get out of it a chance to make others lives better or at least I try too . Plus so many possible fun things you can do with others you cant do alone like multiplayer games and D and D and board games and many other things.

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    At first I read the title as, "How do you get out of socializing?" Lol that would have been easier for me to answer.

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    If it's socializing because you 'have to' (at school par example)... That people will like you (most of the time because I just listen to their stories), feeling included. The feeling that you're making yourself useful by helping them, being satisfied because you did something good. Being able to forget about the drama in my own head.

    When I am in the right mood, or when I have energy I do feel connected to people. I like feeling this 'youthful' kind of joy. When I go out to skate with one of my best friends I can truly feel 'free' for a while, nothing else matters anymore. Sometimes we talk about our own misery and we laugh about it, sometimes we'll have more serious conversations, at other times we'll go on an 'adventure' and break the rules.

    Excitement is also something I feel when I meet new people I connect with, just to remind myself that I am not that socially awkward after all. I like to explore other people's life, to listen to their interesting stories, the things they are passionate about, that kind of stuff. Bonus points if they think that I am interesting too.
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    endless energy and entertainment, right up until I don't. I'm an outside cat.
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    Not being bored out of my damned mind.
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    a spectrum from distraction to enjoyment, depending on circumstances, environment and company.

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    i don't even do it
    so I guess I don't really get much out of it haha i don't know. It's more the time with a specific person (even if I am in a group) that counts as "doing something" for me
    but just random socialization I might forget about quickly if I even engage in it to begin with
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