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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
    In my mind it's very blurry, but I was around two years old. It was when I tumbled down the stairs of the apartment complex I lived in with my family. I remember losing my balance and then crying hysterically moments after I fell, ending up with a large bump on my forehead and my mom having to ice it for me. However, my earliest, vivid memories started when I was three.
    Aww sorry about that!
    I had a serious accident about the same age (two or three years) that left a mark to this day, I fall on the VCR and its edge slit my left cheek open, and what is more strange than the fact that I have no memory about it whatsoever, is that it didn’t leave any bit of scar, instead it left a dimple (to this day)!! I remember people telling me “Oh it made a dimple right there!!” and I had no idea what they’re talking about, thought dimple is a bad thing
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    There are two candidates for my earliest memory. I was most likely three years old when both occurred.

    The first is of my parents and I sitting on the roof of our car during the evening. We were watching the airplanes take off from the airport. I know this had to be before 9/11 (I was 3 almost 4 when this event occurred) because we were not allowed to drive as close to the airport after the attacks. It was really a spectacular view. My best guess is that I was 3 when this memory occurred.

    According to my mom, this event happened when I was 3. I don't remember at what point of the year, however. Basically, I tripped over a chair in preschool and busted my lip. Well actually, I bit through my bottom lip. I still have the scar there from the incident about 17 years later (it is very very very faint now and has been for quite some time). I remember laying there and crying because it hurt. The teacher was telling me that it would be okay because my mom would be there soon. Then I remember getting stitches. Not a fun experience at all. They had to cover me with an adult size straight jacket (I was a tiny 3 year old, much smaller than any other kids my age).

    I remember 9/11, but I know that cannot be the earliest memory of mine because of the first memory I mentioned. Though that's a candidate for the earliest. I remember my mom coming to pick me up from preschool and how terrified she looked.

    There are other fuzzy memories from around that time that involve watching TV or feeding ducks at a pond. I know they have to be from when I was about 3 because we moved out of state shortly after I turned 4. My parents telling me that we were going to have to move because of my dad's work is another one of my first memories.

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    I have 2 contending memories for the earliest one.

    The one I think I had first was when I was very young, 3 or 4. We were at a friends of the family's house. They had a pool. I remember first wearing a life jacket when swimming in the pool. I then told my parents I didn't want to wear a life jacket, so they gave me those arm floating device things. That wasn't enough for me. I remember my father who had now dressed and was no longer in the pool and I asked my father if he thought I could dunk a basket in the basketball hoop that was on the edge of the pool. I think my dad said I couldn't so I wanted to prove him wrong and I decided to take the little ball in my hands and jump to where the hoop was outstretched over the pool. I didn't think it through tho, because obviously I was like 3 or 4 and I couldn't swim. So my Father had to jump in to save me. I remember he yelled at me afterwards.

    Another memory I have that not much really happened in it. Must have been around 1990 (I did the math from when we moved twice). I am 31 now and I was born in 1986 so that would make me 3-4 yo. I remember standing in the front doorway to the house we were moving out of. I asked my father why there was nothing in the house except for a really ugly brown leather couch. I remember at least one of my uncles was there but I can't remember which one. I remember asking who would get the couches that we were leaving in the house (since we were moving). Why I was concerned about who was going to get the couches instead of not being able to live in the same house anymore I really don't know.

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    I have insanely good memory. My earliest memories is crawling around on the floor, and escaping my crib. I have consecutive memories of my first house and before my parents broke up (not sure on ages, but my parents got divorced when I was 3). I have more than 5 distinct memories in this time period. I can even remember how I used to think.

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    I have at least 10 memories when I was 3 or 4. I remember going shopping with my mom and getting this delicious yogurt drink; I remember Christmas morning and also remember thinking that Santa wasn't real; I remember killing a rat with a brick (sorry lil buddy), flying roaches, falling off the bunk bed and going to the hospital, burning a hole in this inflatable toy and then hiding the evidence.
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    My earliest memory is of seeing the wing of an airplane from a window seat mid-air. I was 2 years old flying with my parents to Miami.
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    My mom was watching the news from the kitchen while I sat in a high chair(?) nearby in the living room. I was 2 and it was 1974. (Yeah- I’m old) Somehow I remember Richard Nixon was on the TV. It was probably his speech resigning as president after Watergate.

    It’s strange I remember that being as young as I was. After that it is only fragments of memories all the way until I was 6.

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    I don't have extended 'memories' in the sense of remembering an actual event; but I have lots of visual and sensory 'snapshots' of memories from ages 3-6 -- shuffling around the family room floor in fuzzy animal slippers on christmas morning, having gotten disney records to play on a kiddie record player; pots and pans in the kitchen; sticker trading with a neighborhood friend; watching 'The Making of Thriller' in a friend's basement; walking around a copse of trees at dusk before dinner in late autumn in my backyard, remembering the lighting and the smells and crunch of leaves; finding a cool rock at the end of the driveway and keeping it; the feel of nasty seaweed on my toes in the lake; my mom's reaction to the Challenger explosion heard over the car radio when we were driving to my dentist appointment. Hanging out in the lower level of the house with my grandad; snow forts by the driveway. Things like that.
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    Oh! And the other day I realized that my earliest memory was earlier.

    I went to go see a barney movie when I was 2 and a half and I remember that. I just didnt realize how young I was!

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    I was four, my best friend in preschool and I were fighting over a toy. She bit me, so I bit her back.
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