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View Poll Results: Is it possible to read a person's personality, character, problem between the lines?

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  • Yes, it is possible.

    9 90.00%
  • No, it is impossible.

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  • It is partly possible.

    2 20.00%
  • Lines are only phrases.

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  • Words are deepest expression of the soul.

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  • Every writing, not only poetry, can express one a person's feeling.

    1 10.00%
  • Is it important when topics are recurrent in some way?

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  • I do not believe in such a nonsense.

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  • How might that be possible?

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  • I am quite neutral concerning this theme.

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    I focus much more on the actions as well. I find that to be the most honest giveaway in person.

    I do have a habit of reading between the lines when I'm stuck in my feelings. As for how I mean to come across, I actually say things very matter-of-fact and non-chalantantly. I'm usually more apathetic until you get to know me. So I notice that people can really misunderstand my intentions because of that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metis View Post
    It is partly possible.

    It's possible to read between the lines, but it's also easy to misread between the lines. There are things you can learn only by reading into things, and there are things that need clarification, such as a yes/no response or a direct, often verbal, clarification/explanation from the person. People make a lot of untrue assumptions about others, while thinking that they're reading between the lines. It helps to have data from both and weigh the evidence. Sometimes, an assumption is plenty enough to go on in order to make a practical decision, such as in the "Being rude can save your life" thread, where posters have described instances in which they've leaned toward (or "erred" in the direction of) either politeness or personal safety. But at other times, more information is needed to come to an accurate (or close enough) conclusion or to decide a reasonable course of action.
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