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    I try to avoid situations that would make me angry, because I have problems with anger. I insult people frequently, or tell them they're gonna lose their jobs or go to hell or something.

    I'm not a cop, nor a gangster. Anger is not acceptable for me. This is how France works : you can't be angry, except towards subordinates. And I don't have subordinates, nor do I want them (I'm an anarchist).

    I take pills to calm myself down, because anger may worsen my life through social penalties. They won't make me happy, but at least they'll make me suffer in silence and I will be less likely to get penalties from above.

    I know many of you don't like France. I don't either. But I'm stuck here for professional reasons.

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    It depends on the situation. Overall, I do appreciate my anger, even though that may sound strange. But I appreciate it because when I get angry in certain situations, it tells me something about myself and also where my boundaries are. Sometimes I get angry at people because I sense a lack of competence in them. I do get angry sometimes because I am quite an impatient person. As to how to let it out, well, I do show it when I feel it's appropriate. There are certain people who can not deal with anger, so I naturally try to keep my anger in check around friends who can not deal with it, and leave the situation. I will give myself time to calm down, think about what made me angry, and then come back to them to let them know if I need them to change something, so we won't get into this situation again. That doesn't always work out the way I want it, but when it does, it deepens the friendship.

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