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    Quote Originally Posted by Bush Did 9/11 View Post
    I tend to evaluate people along the lines of "this new person kinda vibes like [this other guy I know]." Everyone is unique and multifaceted and act differently in different situations, of course, so [caveats here].

    Typology can give some vocabulary to stuff that is difficult to put into words, some different perspectives that might contribute to a larger understanding, and some rough heuristics. If I somehow need to dig deeper it might help loosely and roughly.
    This. There are too many variables to put people in these slots solely based on type. If you only use a persons' MBTI type, you don't take their eneagram into account, for example, aren't you ignoring a large part of the person? I like the vibe idea better, this new person is like this other person I know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abcdenfp View Post
    I totally understand this and use it in this manner as well, it has changed the way that I communicate with several close friends, and has also made me conscious of how my tendency to change plans so quickly effects them. so I now know if I make a plan with them, unless it's an emergency, it's set in stone, because I respect the way they view the plan now.
    I think MBTI can be used as a tool for self reflection but also for learning how some people prefer to be communicated with and receive information, so that they actually process in a way that they can understand.
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    Fairly often, but still not as often as I apply Nethack to life:

    You can't go that way. A car is blocking your path!
    You can't go that way. A car is blocking your path!
    Apply what? (a, b, c..) h
    Your car horn toots.
    You sense drivers are aware of your presence.
    The tourist hits!
    The tourist hits!
    The tourists bites!
    You behead the tourist with your Vorpal Blade.
    @Bush Did 9/11
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    I use it a lot when I'm communicating with others. If I happen to know a person's type, I can tailor the way I'm speaking with that person to get my point across more effectively.

    I also try to keep it in mind in my self-improvement goals. I've been able to identify unhealthy INFP habits and work on overcoming them in myself.
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    I use it a lot for my own advantage. It's useful for pulling strings and makes managing people that need to be managed more efficient, less messy.

    I find that the enneagram is better for exercising power in more informal settings. Socionics or MBTI is better for pulling strings in more formal/professional settings. For example, once I know the line of reasoning an INTJ has a weakness for, I will keep turning it, because that type is so consistent in their application of logic that once I find it out, it's as good as having a gun to their head but more subtle. It even pains them sometimes to give me my way. hehehe. Of course, the reasoning still has to add up. In contrast, the enneagram comes more in handy having a conversation with that same person in a hallway or somewhere casual...with MBTI, I can just toggle with their software. enneagram gives me access into their hard-drive.

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    These days its hard not to see the patterns. I mostly use it to hone my people skills and amuse myself - with the occasional teasing joke prediction to throw people off thrown in.

    It is kind of like sculpting, i find. It gives you that rough base to start from while you discover what the person truly is about.

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    what typology
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    Never. I apply the positive/negative adjective system. That person is a_______ human or a _______ human. Then with repeated exposure to an individual I adjust accordingly and perhaps add a few more adjectives to their dossier.
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    All. The. Time.

    My sister thinks I'm the most annoying person in the world. I literally always point out what function she's using or where her enneagram type comes into play and I don't even notice how often I talk about it until she once broke out and complained lol.

    I'm always analyzing people whether it's subconscious or not. I can't help it. Even with movie characters, actors, and musicians. I'll look up their type to see if other people think the same thing I do or to see a totally different viewpoint from my own.

    My dad and sister are concerned about me. They think I have issues. I probably do. Haha.
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    Actually, here and now. Because most of my typings are shaped by Ni, I instantly get a, i.e. ENTP vibe from the person I meet and I start to analyze the data trying not be engulfed in my intuition, which can be likened to a crosscheck of a math problem. However, I think enneagram presents much more data and deductions compared to MBTI, even if I am not really well versed on both systems, I think that for a fact.
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