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    Default When were you at your best?

    What was the best time of your life?

    Either when the most positive happened- you felt the best- the time where if you could go back you would?

    Or if you feel it hasnt happened yet- or cant think of a time- how about the time you are most looking forwards to? Some time in your life you WANT to happen or are planning to make happen?

    Discuss if yoid like.
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    When I was a kid. I was happier. I'm attempting to take control of my life, but I'm scared of how things will go.
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    I don't think I've experienced my actual best yet. I believe I will only feel that satisfied until I actually accomplish what I set out to do for myself. However, I have been in pretty good spirits for a while now, despite me not being in the best place at the moment. I'm not depressed and feel hopeful for what the future has to bring.

    Although, I have had many joyful, wonderful moments when I was younger. I would say a few at the top of my mind were when I traveled abroad. Some of my most favorite life moments thus far have been when I explored a totally different culture to my own. I would go back to those moments in time in a heart beat. Also, playing with my two best friends; just being innocent children and fantasizing about different worlds we each explored together. I've had some of my most happiest moments with them in addition to other family members as well. In fact, I've actually just spent time with them a while ago, so today was pretty nice I suppose since I also haven't seen them in months.
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    18 or 19.

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    Maybe in grad school. I'm in a slump now, but hope the best is coming.
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    Either age 9, or now. I loved age 9 because I was so happy I would say all the time "I wish I could stay 9 forever!" Plus, my family did a bunch of really fun things that year, like go to Disneyland, Seattle, Yellowstone ... it was like, amazing!

    I'd also go with now because ... I feel pretty happy right now, and am more secure in who I am than I was at 9.

    I think I will be at my BEST best after I've graduated college because it's eating up my life right now. *chomp chomp*
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    The best time in my life? Tied between two periods of my life:

    1) Right after I got out of the mental hospital the 2nd time after I was suicidal in my junior year of high school. I was on a set of meds that was working and I started to feel better about myself and my place in the world immediately...

    ....which was then proceeded by a WHOLE bunch of good stuff happening in my life: Got a girlfriend, graduated high school, made new friends in college and was doing stuff I really liked. Was an awesome 5 year or so period.

    2) When I got into ballroom dancing and found out I was actually good at it. Did wonders for my self-esteem (which wasn't bad by any means but I hadn't thought of myself as an attractive person until then), and gave me an actual social life I could brag about. That was a good couple of years and was brought to an abrupt end when things with my ex went south BUT UNTIL was pretty awesome

    Edit: I was looking so far back I didn't consider what is truly the best time of my life now: Right now

    Married to a wonderful woman, I'm a homeowner, and my business that I co-own is thriving. I have more money than I ever had and the future seems very, very bright
    "The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."
    ― Woodrow Wilson
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    hm well I'd say these days I am at my best. I have a true friend, good grades, working on healing, and have the ability to stand up for myself finally.
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    Last century.
    There is no mysterious essence we can call a 'place'. Place is change. It is motion killed by the mind, and preserved in the amber of memory.
    J. A. Baker
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    Now, I'd say.

    Childhood was like a nondescript series of impressions, warped by the unreliability of memory into something it isn't.


    There was a moment. I was in Wales, maybe 7-8 years of age, and playing in the hills near Tremadog at the climbing club hut (actually a giant farmhouse) my parents belonged to. And I was fighting with the bracken, using the hard root of an uprooted stalk to fight the others, swiping them down like they were interlopers to a kingdom.

    And I found myself, later on, lying in the fields near Pant Ifan and watching the clouds wheel, and I remember being without the urge to cut one moment from another, instead I was so relaxed and part of the flow of reality instead of at odds with it. The strangeness of turning that into a moment to remember, when it was about not remembering at all.

    I felt that impulse was important despite the unreliability of language to explain it and it's one of those realisations, amongst others, I've tried to reconcile for my entire life. I was at my best, because I wasn't trying to be anything else.
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