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    Default a few ways to feel comfortable.

    here are a few ways to get yourself comfortable. so sometimes in life you just feel depressed,frustrated and holding this guy was just so frustrated he was just carrying this wheel all day and just holding on,he dropped the wheel and just become so light and free,all depressiona nd frustration gone.
    now here are some ways to feel good and ok
    1)get comfortable put yourself in that frame of mind
    2)get comfortable lay in bed put on a good movie
    3)get comfortable by taking a hot bath
    4)get comfortable by if its raining llay in bed and listen to the rain
    5)get comfortable by remembering comfortable times
    6)get comfortable,make some hot chocklet watch a series
    now follow theres opions,get cmfortable and you will be in peace in no time at is just perception and make yourself relax.
    play some tv games,read a good book,chat to a friend over the phone,dream,and drift off into complete comfort.

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