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    Default Any horror dream you ever seen?

    Share your life horror mystry or any night dream that you remember today and it make you afraid.
    There are meaning of these dreams and some time our unconcious mind create situation and we see good and bad dreams.

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    One nightmare I'll never forget took place in an airport. My family and I were in the waiting area, and there was a dark curtain nearby. It was like the kind of curtain used in theaters. I looked behind the curtain and found the dismembered body of a young boy stuffed into a trash can. His innards were exposed. They looked like squid tentacles. I woke up soon after that. It may not seem that scary when I describe it, but it was absolutely terrifying to experience.

    I've also had several nightmares that take place in haunted house rides at carnivals. One in particular had an animatronic that opened up to reveal an actual human corpse inside.
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