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    Default Kids as adults: Kid celebrities

    Taking comments from the previous thread further.

    America's kid celebrities must seem normal if you've lived here all your life, but coming from a different country, it is a glaring, terrible, freakiness.( Please note that I love your country with all of my heart. I want to marry a cowboy and live here forever...I'm not dissing.)

    I don't understand how a parent could allow their child to enter the crazy world of fame and what not, and think all will be well. We've watched Britney fall from grace and should have learnt something. Miley's right there to repeat the whole process, what a shame....It might not end up as badly, but that girl will not stay the same.

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    I'm sure quite a few of us recognise it. I know I do and many others who do. I tend to feel terrible for those children.

    Who's to blame? The parents? The children? The media? Our society? Probably all of the above at some point. I have no idea what can be done to resolve the issue (aside from a complete reworking of American society).

    Over here we're plagued with a sort of side religion that worships celebrities. I think sometimes we try to turn them into gods/goddesses, but ultimately that fails because they are human first and celebrities second and mythical beings dead last.
    "I took the one less traveled by,
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