I mean, humans define these cutoff points and the "disorders". If we could come up with definitions for more things that we could link to behaviors, we'd call those disorders too.

I'm sorry you feel guilty about your meds, but I'm pretty damn sure most people would forgo "extra testing time" for "the ability to remember doctor appointments/be on time for things/not go through life as a total space cadet"...
Those two things really have nothing to do with each other. The whole point of tests is that they're standardized. People are bad at tests for many reasons, so why should my reason give me advantages? Plus, I never need extra time anyway.

If your core issue is that not everyone can get the controlled substances that you do, then just switch to something that isn't regulated like Strattera or rock it old school with coffee & cigarettes.
I drink coffee and smoke cigarettes already

But seriously, I think everyone should be able to take these drugs if they want. I believe that they'd help me much more than a person without ADD, but if they want the extra kick, why not?