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    Default Friendship and how it shaped you?

    There were recently at least two threads about being influenced/ shaped during the youth. I am making another one.

    What was the first friend of yours and the first friendship like? Was there a friendship that shaped you/changed you?

    My first best friend was a popular kid, tomboy, adventurer and troublemaker. I was rather a calm kid, but gosh I wanted to be like her so much. When I succeeded to be part of her circle of friends (long way including me giving extra math classes to a friend of her) we used to spend most of the time loitering in the fields, looking for wild fruits, playing sports, organizing female football team and secret societies. I needed to at least play bad-ass sometimes, so it definitely taught me something. Usually though I was moderator between her and other friends of ours.

    Friendship that shaped me most was my second friendship(still a friend of mine) . She notices what I don't notice, has a lot of strength and enthusiasm even during hard times and is one of the most helpful people I know. I would like to learn it all.
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    Friendship is a concept that has always eluded me. I tried hard to think who my first friend was and came up with very little. There was this boy in kindergarten and I remember we got on really well. I remember his name, I remember running around and laughing but it might be just a memory of a picture of us running around and laughing together.

    The friendship that changed me ended badly. We were in junior high and she ended up lying to me about all kinds of stuff. She did it to make herself seem better, more experienced, more important, I guess. But we had a huge fight about it and that was it. And friendship has never been the same for me ever since.
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