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    Default " Our Psychic Weak Point " ....

    These are not new ideas, but I enjoyed the clip so much that I wanted to share.

    Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun - Watts
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    It was mavelous. Good points been made and something went clearer too about how certain things we are not familiar doIng. I would like it in a way that most of us are well less aware of certain types of area in our life. It is hard to notice them indeed. What else we are going to do in our life really is a good question. Even though fixing the issue is not in this video, when I had been fixing various aspect in my life, it was indeed a lot of work, and very difficult.

    One time I was not familiar with something was when I was trying to follow a concrete step to do a certain thing on a file, and not only the direction was so poorly writren, but the whole thing from top to bottom was a terrible mess that took me a total of 6 hours or more to get the thing done. I can feel I am not used to that kind of hard to ground procedural thing, especially in a sense, I got no idea what else I could do with it, or where I should go looking for, but still, finally did it.
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