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    Default What about Extrospection?

    There's a lot of about introspection on the forum but very little about extrospection. In fact, extrospection seems to be largely disdained.

    Some basic definitions of extrospection:
    • Extrospection is the observation of things external to one's own mind, as opposed to introspection, which is the direct observation of one's minds internal processes. Extrospection is ordinary sense perception or reasoning concerning the things so perceived.
    • habitual interest in or examination of matters outside oneself.
    • the consideration and observation of things external to the self; examination and study of externals.

    I'm basically an unapologetic extrovert. I love to extrospect. I like to get involved with what's going on around me and be an active participant in life. From the way people discuss knowing yourself on the forum, it seems like there's only one way and that's through introspection. I disagree. I think you can learn a lot about yourself through examining how you interact with the world around you and how it interacts with itself. It's figuring out how you fit in and using points and references outside of yourself to help in that process.

    So what are some benefits of extrospection? What do people think about it?
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    Extospection doesn't come as naturally as introspection does for me, but I think you need both ultimately. How can I understand myself if I don't try to understand others? and how can I understand others if I don't try to understand my self. I mean me going I'm different then everyone else is stupid so is I'm the same as everyone else. How can I understand the world fully with out both? As my world as is everyone elses is made up of both internal and external elements. my point is the picture of life doesn't seem complete to me, but then I have this drive to try and understand everyone and everything.

    of course, I don't know if that's what you mean or what.
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    that is all

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    I'm with your protean. I've introspected a lot, and it never leaves me as satisfacted as extrospecting. Of course this doesn't mean it's generally better; but I do believe extraverts absolutely need it.
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    When you're out interacting and observing, do you relate the things you are doing and seeing back to yourself?

    Is that extrospection?

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    Quote Originally Posted by proteanmix View Post
    I think you can learn a lot about yourself through examining how you interact with the world around you and how it interacts with itself. It's figuring out how you fit in and using points and references outside of yourself to help in that process.
    Oh, I would have classed that as introspective behaviour...

    So if I hang around with my friends a lot but simultaneously think about how I am interacting with them and draw conclusions about my behaviour that way, is that knowing myself through extrospection? I would have classed that as introspective behaviour. Certainly it's introspection about your own extraverted behaviour, but it's not really being extrospective (in my book anyway!)

    I tend to think of extrospective behaviour as examining what others do instead, which naturally means that it doesn't build self knowledge but instead builds knowledge of others. This fits into your latter two offered definitions of extrospection (admittedly with a social bent). Extraspection is a valuable skill and really opens you up to the variety in other people's lives, interpretations and various methods of functioning.

    The next thing that follows (according to my definitions) is whether one can be extraspective about your own introverted behaviour. I think so--if you go to a party and act like an introvert, then see how others react and learn about them that way. Ooh, extraspection adds a nice new layer of social experimentation to the personality dynamic! :-)

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    My interactions with others can teach me a lot about myself, but I generally learn these things later while I'm introspecting about my interactions.
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    I truly suck at introspecting- my thoughts go something like "well, I know everything that I think and have done, so why should I dwell on that when there's a dearth of information out there that I DON'T know?"

    I spend most of my time alone thinking about/researching things outside of myself, like getting distracted and reading the history of unethical social experiments for 3 hours () or things of that sort... much more satisfying than reflecting on stuff I already know!
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    my Fe and Se love to extrospect for the sake of the new toys i get to play with when introverting
    i love analysing and people watching
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    I guess if I do any spection, it's probly extro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffster View Post
    I guess if I do any spection, it's probly extro.
    With me its Entrospection *whips with his eyebrows*

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