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    Default mbti and time management

    Hi, my time management sucks, though it's getting better because I have to. I was wondering which types make the worst use of their time, as well as which types are the best. Even though the particulars are easy to organize, I usually end up with too little time to do too much. Yup.
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    The INTJs and ENTJs I know are really good at scheduling and time management, while I'm not good at that at all. Give me a schedule and there's a 90% chance I'll lose all evidence of it, and not even on purpose.

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    This is my idea of time management:

    "Corollary to Hofstadter's Law: Every minute you spend thinking about Hofstadter's Law is a minute you're NOT WORKING AND WILL NEVER FINISH! PAAAAAANIIIIIIC!"

    Also this:

    But leave out the "post on productivity blogs about my schedule" bit for a really realistic take on my method.

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    If logistics is the planning and carrying out of resources, and time is a resource, then the best type at that is most likely ESTJ.

    Te -execution
    Si- logistics

    If you're talking about strategy then Te + Ni
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