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    Default Masochism and Fi

    I've been speculating that Masochism may be correlated with Fi. Introverted Feeling is the function that tends to be the hardest on us while evaluating our own sense of inner worth. Individuals who perceive for themselves to be rotten through and through may derive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing oneself punished...and on top of this being internally rooted psychologically... many..deem for this to be not enough and have this continue on the physical level..

    This passage... was no doubt written by a dominant Fi individual...

    'So I muddied the stream of friendship with the filth of lewdness and clouded its clear waters with hell's black river of lust. And yet, despite such putrid depravity, I was vain enough to harbor an ambition to succeed in the world. I also fell in love, which was a trap of my own making. My God, God of Mercy, how good were you to me, for you mixed such bitterness in that cup of pleasure. My love was returned, and I became chained in the shackles of its consummation. Even in the midst of my joys I embroiled in tribulation, lashed by the cruel rods of jealousy, fear, anger and bitter argument.'
    "Do not argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." -- Mark Twain

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    I like me some pain. I don't correlate it to self-loathing, but more of the fact that I am pretty reserved and in control of my own world to a large extent, and it's nice to let someone else take over. A form of surrender. However, this is only sexually.
    Mostly, when I self-punish, it goes through a form of sick acceptance and just entirely shutting down. I don't actually do anything to fall into this, it usually occurs from a loss of opportunity I desired greatly or sometimes as a way to punish other people who want me to be "alive." They're usually the ones who play a strong role in my shutdown. I often feel like I'm just existing, not living. I also sabotage myself quite a bit, usually because I've resigned myself to a life of mediocrity. Or so I think, because eventually I pull myself out of this hole, get back up, only to fall back in. Thus the cycle repeats itself.

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    I was thinking it correlated to either of the Feeling types -- maybe even more to Fe, especially if the masochist is just hurting him or herself for attention, a la emo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uberfuhrer View Post
    I was thinking it correlated to either of the Feeling types -- maybe even more to Fe, especially if the masochist is just hurting him or herself for attention, a la emo.
    I know that many serious religious-oriented people could be called masochists (for example, Martin Luther, the theologian). And, while I have never typed him, I am sure that Fe was not his primary or secondary.

    While perhaps there are some broad characteristics of masochists in common, I think the specific motivations for the masochistic behavior could differ...
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    Hmmm, well i generally enjoy pain after the immediate shock of it, this isn't a form of self punishment for me, instead it's a form of training to better myself.

    As for relation to functions, i would say that "attention seeking" masochism is probably not related to type, but it seems to make intuitive sense that quiet masochism might well be related to F functions, but i can't really see a connection at the moment.

    Maybe because the only reason someone would deliberately hurt themselves is because of their values? So it would always be an F function causing it? I can't see someone hurting themselves for logical reasons, without some greater gain anyway.

    As for sexual masochism, i imagine that's more to do with social conditioning then anything else, so probably ain't to do with types either.

    Meh, what do i know?

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