Okay so I had been sitting... and so out of boredom I began entertaining myself sensually.

That's enough for the background of what I am about to say.

What came into my mind while doing such, was the thought of all the possible ways one could control their own senses, and so I am wondering if any of you have any experience of the following, or believe any of these to be experiences possible to actually have (without drugs or being mentally predisposed to these)

1. Derealization (aka muting the senses and focusing inwards)
Basically just the art form of selectively muting any one of the senses, or possibly all of them. So if I, say, disliked the sound of a crying baby nearby, I could just turn it off manually.
2. Synæsthesia (aka combining the senses)
Eating a cheeseburger and gagging at the harsh noise it makes, or maybe giving a puppy a nice rub and seeing it take on a soft pink hue.
3. Recreation (aka taking the senses you already know (Si), and forming them into a fully sensual experience in your mind)
You know how, after having tasted chocolate ice cream in the past, you have the ability to imagine the taste in your head? Well what if you could take all memories of your past experiences and form them into a reality inside your head, which feels as believable as living in the external world. Possibly like a lucid daydream.
4. Depersonalization (aka Chronic Si Deprivation)
Losing all sense of self-awareness and becoming one with your surroundings. Becoming a chair, and looking at yourself from the point of view from that chair.
5. Bleaching your asshole (aka the ability to pretend your asshole is bleached and therefore don't need to waste your money on bleaching your asshole)
This one, out of all of these, might be the most difficult to understand and follow through with. I'm not sure I can really simplify it down enough for the laymen to understand.

okay I had this all planned out in my head when I was still on that caffeine rush, but now that I am actually at home and on the keyboard... it's not translating very well. Just deal with what I have here I guess.