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    Default Jungian psychotherapy or psycho the rapist?

    It's not secret I have seen a Jungian Analyst for many years but have stopped as of the last year - a year in which I have accomplished more than ever.

    I will admit the analyst was instrumental in helping me see myself for what I was and helping me escape my nicotine addiction as well as some other things. And I will admit it is useful up to a point.

    But I am plagued with doubt when it comes to the Jungian sentiment of what art and imagination is. You see, the Jungian believes that all art or productions of the imagination allude to the inner soul. They act and tend towards non-judgement but when you have an imaginative experience they throw the hammer down and ask you why the hell your imagination is so screwed up......

    They don't do it like this you see...not exactly but they dissect your art to see the state of your soul and in so doing kill you.

    According to Jungian theory in totality, the ultimate conclusion is that a story with tension, such as a Shakespearean play, alludes to how messed up the author is. They will never say it like this...of course, because then they would not collect your money.

    But there is good in psychoanalysis, don't get me wrong. The Jungian told me that I would make a great Jungian but I had to tell him that I would have ethical issues with serving Caesar in such a see the psychologist in our society assesses the individual according to his ability to work 9 hours a day. The criteria for diagnosing ADD, Asbergers, all based on how well you conform to the status quo, and the status quo, or the average, is the 9 hour work day. Anyone who cannot work 8-9 hours a day is "sick" or unable to "adapt."

    It reminds me, I was once in palaver with a group of Shamans here in the city who ran big ticket events for pagans and we used to have dreaming circles. One of them was an illustrious magician known in several states for developing his own tarot deck. One of his words was Psychoanalyst which in Angelish means Psycho the rapist.

    I don't split Jungian therapy, but I can see it's shortcomings. As long as psychotherapists believe that a conflicted imagination is a diseased soul, which they do (don't respond to argue this point, I've read several books now (20-30 on Jungian psycho analsysis) and all agree that the imagination always produces the sickness of the soul) the profession will continue to decline until it is no more and Jung will simply be a man who pointed us to the imagination but was horribly wrong in his assumptions (to the point of causing great psychical harm) hence....the term...psycho the rapist.
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    I think it's pretty plainly obvious to most studying psychology the brain is a faulted piece of equipment and glimpsing the abberations of imagination is a finger to the pulse of these complexes.
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