It's not at all what you've used to with MBTI, portraying intuition as a superior information gathering function.

In dual process theory (which is getting more prominent every day) intuition is just shorthand for cognitions you do without thinking.

Thinking, fast and slow, has already established that our hunches are really fallible (to the extreme) and they come with the belief that you are SO right having those hunches, maybe a genius or something.

There's some merit to using this kind of "intuition". It works even if there is no evidence, of if there is just a bit of evidence. It always works. Intuition always produces an answer, unlike the processes that depend on conscious or rational effort. Did I tell it doesn't always work right, and your intuition gives no intuition to you that it's wrong?

Intuition is still okay but The big deal is in developing how your intuition works. But, gone are the days when you could say having intuition and pretend being wise or something like that.

So, intuition has been proven to exist. It isn't a very superior cognitive process tho. At least not until you can duplicate intuition's results with computers, but that's another story.