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    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    That's not "forgive and forget"; that's "forgive and don't mention it".
    Right. Which seems worse than any of the other options.
    I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ceecee View Post
    Right. Which seems worse than any of the other options.
    Come on y'all. This is a very common expression and fits the less common definition of forget. By definition, forget also means to neglect willfully; to fail to think of; take no note of (often used imperatively).

    It's not humanly possible to forget some things by being unable to remember unintentionally, so it goes without saying, a conscious, willful effort is required to bury errs and leave them in the past.

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    Default Do you have to forget to truly forgive?

    Well that's a tricky argument Skinny-Love but it has to be incorrect , it is natural to forget in order to remember.

    Other wise we would be unable to discriminate. Mechanical Man is designed to forget and excels at forgiving,. giving the self recollection for the purpose of practicing successful critical thinking, abilities.

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    I read a story of a psychiatrist who was treating a teenage boy who spat at his face every session. The psychiatrist knew the boy was suffering from some trauma and was just lashing out. If you understand what drove a person to commit an offense, it's much easier to forgive.

    Irrational people insult me frequently, but it's become water off a duck's back since I understand exactly what their mental state is.
    Whatever happened to Jill Eikenberry? She used to be all over the TV; haven't seen her in years.

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    I generally forget before forgiving, so I can't say.
    My relation is more a +XXX / - XXX level.
    If somebody did something bad to me, my relation to them will lower. But I won't remember something in particular.
    If somebody did something bad to me, it could happen again. People won't change a lot. I just have to take this into account for the future.

    It's not that I don't trust them anymore, it's just that I have to know that, in certain conditions and situation, this particular person will act in a particular way.

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    No, they are two different things. I usually stay quiet and come off as gentle and passive towards other people. But I do forgive easily because I barely talk, so I guess high, deep perception might let you forgive easily.

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