To be honest I think that obsessing about power and control is a debilitating condition, however, the fact that it is doesnt have sufficient consequences by itself to cause people to want to change, at least not in the short term, probably not even in the middle to longer term either and part of the whole complex seems to be the conviction that others ought to change to suit you in any case.

How do you deal with that? Do you know anyone who exhibits that sort of behaviour or thinking? Would you recognise authoritarianism or control freakery if you encountered it? How?

Is this something which is simply perrenial, like born in people and part of the social and historical character of peoples/nations/groups, and cant be changed but can only be channelled? Can it be channelled for something utilitarian or is it something which is ruinous even then and liable to lead to corruption or abuse of the roles the individual comes to fufil?