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Thread: Male catfights?

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    *shrug* People will always people. I occasionally attract antagonists, probably because I seem arrogant sometimes, and also I'm pretty self-contained. If you look like a fortress, somebody will want to break you down. When somebody zones in on me, it really doesn't leave me any choice but to call them out, or be off-handedly bitchy. It only takes one person to drag down two people.

    Incidentally, a couple of my best friendships were won by just dealing with their shit over a prolonged period of time. Both of them were probably 6's. People are strange, life's strange.

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    Wherever there is pride-based ego, there is potential jealousy for either gender. No ego = no envy

    The bigger one's ego, the more one is likely to feel entitled to possessing or being. Since no one possesses everything or is the epitome of of all things, we all encounter people with more stuff than us and more skill, or with superior traits. Entitlement, ego, and envy are all interconnected. I don't think one can exist without the other traits.

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    I've have to bear witness to what would be considered male cat fights in my day, but I don't really think many of them were caused by jealousy. The one that I can tell you about is the time that the resident meth-head came back from jail/rehab for the third time in two years and spread rumors that one of these super bratty kids had an abnormally tiny penis, and had quite the audience when he got thrown against a locker and got a concussion and hasn't come back to school since. It was a while ago, I don't think he'll be returning but the other shithead will be.

    I guess they were both in the wrong - I am sorry, but it was stupid on both their parts. The druggie had it bad, but that is no excuse to just be a threat to yourself like that. He had to have known what would happen. Unless the other person has nobody to fall back on, chances are if you're already socially in a less-than-desirable condition you will not win. the fucklord of a rich boy did not even need to get involved, his reputation was never in danger. He beat the crap out of that guy for the attention it would get him from the even more powerful douchebags in my grade.

    Everyone in my grade was psyched for like a week after it happened, it pretty much dominated conversations. People were curious, and I don't blame them, really, I was probably one of the most curious. But after a while I think everyone started to view it through the same lenses and forget about both of them after they didn't show up to school due to being suspended.

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