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Thread: For the Weirdos

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    I keep coming across threads saying my type is impossible, and I just had to put myself out there to show you guys it's a real possibility. I am 21 years old, female, INTP 4w5 sx/so. Yes, I have a highly developed Fi, but I'm convinced that's because I was raised in a society that forces women to hone that 'skill'. I believe there are no impossible combinations, and I know I'm not alone... Are there any other type freaks out there?
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    INTJ 451....Fi is more prevalent than otherwise because I work a job that requires me to use that function (and hide Te) have done so for about a decade. It's tracking about the same strength as Ni for me now. I typed as INTJ from about 14yrs old, and still do. If one believes in tritypes than 451 does indeed fit as it's a researching/analytical type that fits just fine with INTJ. I also have low interest in science and greater interest in design, rather than say arts. Design is about use of space, aesthetics and resources so I'd say all of that is entirely consistent.

    But by no means am I a typology buff. The subject doesn't interest me enough nor do people.

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    You'll never be weird as long as you have a type.

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    Impossible. No, what they're really saying is what you claim is outside of the prevailing dogma. Duck, they just threw a bible at your head.

    In my world, very little is impossible.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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