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    Default Wonderlic and IQ

    I took a wonderlic test for a job. I get average on these things - 25/50. I've taken an IQ test before and did fairly well - 131, and I received a 31 on my act back in early 2000's when it was harder.

    I'm not sure why I'm not a fast thinker but yet smart. I don't understand why people associate reflexes with intelligence. Intelligence isn't linear. Someone working on a problem for 30 minutes might solve it all in the last minute while someone else will solve it in 29 minutes but use a different approach which is actually less intelligent.

    I don't understand the myopia of human resources and how they are a cancer to true efficiency but I'm starting to see why ENTJ's are associated with this backward thinking and feel sorry for the INTP's that have to put up with it.

    Why do people use the wonderlic test? Because they are ignorant.
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    The world is rife with narrow definitions. I have only average IQ, but there are things i can do well. No-one will ever discover those things via a test though.
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    There are multiple ways to measure intelligence. Some tests like Wonderlic emphasize speed more.

    Speed is just one of many components of intelligence.

    If two people arrive at the same solution and took the same approach but A solves it faster than B, I'm going to be inclined to think A is smarter.

    If A solves the problem faster than B, but person B has a more well-thought out approach and understands the core principles involving the problem and A is just blindly following some process, then guess who I will see as smarter?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Such Irony View Post

    Speed is just one of many components of intelligence.
    Well that's a load off. I'm relieved.
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