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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I feel drawn to religion and at once I'm very concerned with its opposite, material, temporal life.

    I'm drawn to an exclusively spiritual existence but I'm also hopelessly attracted to the beauty of women, I think they are amazing, in every sense and very easily eclipse my vision for anything else.

    There's a sense in which I feel like I've swung from one to the other to the other to the other perpetually over time. Never been able to stay stationary on one point.
    yeah its hard for me too mate. I'm trying my best. I am really smart and not lazy and i'm doing really good now. Thanks. Hope you find an equilibrium too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chickpea View Post
    "i shut the door and in the morning
    it was open
    -the end"

    Olemn slammed his hammer and from the sparks on the metal of his anvil came the spheres of the heavens.

    Sayrah blew life into the spheres and they moved. From her wheel she weaved the names of people in to mystery.

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    Textbook Jung Ne, confirmed (not that I needed it)

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    Writing is great, I just wish it were less dicey and more respectable-sounding in conversation.

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