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Thread: Am I insane?

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    Well, possibly. But since when is a little insanity a bad thing?
    When it comes to taking on different attitudes with different people is actually considerate. I wouldn't make the same kind of conversation with my great aunt Penny or my mentally challenged great uncle Richard, as I would with my brother (that is to say, I wouldn't hold a conversation full of dirty jokes and innuendo with the former two individuals). My aunts would want to hear about my love life and health, not argue about who's a better indie rock band. Its about relating to a person better... I go to different people for different advice/conversation, and it's the same thing. I can talk to my brother about music and social issues, my mom about money and things that require life experience, etc.
    As for the whole prophesies thing, you could just be exceptionally good at inferring things. Putting together clues and such. Or maybe you're the next Nostradamus. I'm not sure, I'd have to know what kind of prophecies you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mychemicalkilljoy View Post
    Hey guys. I kinda have a problem that's not really a problem considering all the major problems like starvation that others are going through. Whenever I talk to someone, I feel like I act differently. With one person I make jokes, and another one I'm dead serious. I also am like the person I'm with. I also have a depressing view of the world and these weird prophecies that come true. It freaks me out. I got them since I was 5. I can't describe it... Am I insane?
    Last week I told a friend of mine who was joking about death "This woman kills me ! But one day who knows, YOU will kill her !"

    Yesterday night my friend told me :
    "You really frighten me. You know the lady you were talking about last week...then you just said :"You'll kill her",

    well, guess what happened now.... she is dead, today."

    Strange things happen sometimes...

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    Not going to read all 5 pages, so I'll respond to the OP.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mychemicalkilljoy View Post
    Whenever I talk to someone, I feel like I act differently. With one person I make jokes, and another one I'm dead serious. I also am like the person I'm with.
    Literally everyone does this whether they realize it or not. With some people I know, I'm more sarcastic. With others, I'm more polite and serious. It's all dependent on the situation. Style-shifting is a related concept that pertains to speech style changes that may occur when you speak to different audiences. We are influenced by those around us and we influence them as well. The degree of influence might be dependent on how dominant of a personality you're with.

    I also have a depressing view of the world...
    This is another story. If you're depressed, it never hurts to get help from a reputable therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist/etc. It certainly does not make you insane by any means.

    ...and these weird prophecies that come true. It freaks me out. I got them since I was 5. I can't describe it... Am I insane?
    This may or may not be concerning, depending on the specifics of what you're talking about. Many times people believe they're psychic because of confirmation bias. We only realize when we were right, not when we were wrong. So when you've predicted a lot of different scenarios and one of them comes true, we tend to ignore the ones that didn't come true and focus on those that did, making us seem to have some sort of psychic abilities. This doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your brain. Everyone is like that.

    Another explanation for this phenomenon is deja vu, where you could've sworn that you've already experienced an event even though you didn't (making it seem like a premonition). I've gotten this many times before and the feeling that it already happened is just so incredibly real that it's hard to think otherwise. For whatever reason, some people seem to experience this more than others.

    So the above two factors are those that I'd think would contribute the most to your feelings of having prophecied something. Again, it doesn't mean you're crazy. Everyone encounters these experiences at some time or another. But be aware that your perceptions are not always something that can be trusted. You can tell this first hand through looking at optical illusions. But it can go further than that. Haven't you ever heard that strange noise in the middle of the night?

    I get sleep paralysis occasionally. It's where you're essentially along the brink of being asleep and awake. You "wake up," but are unable to move (your body is naturally paralyzed during REM so you don't act out your dreams). Sometimes people experience hallucinations. I would describe a certain one of my experiences with this as the most terrifying moment in my life. If I didn't know better, I'd say that I was being haunted by spirits, but I'm not. Your mind can manipulate you in intense ways. Some of these require attention from a professional, while others do not. What you write about doesn't seem to point to psychosis or anything. But again, I'd like to stress that we don't really know the deep details of what you feel, nor do I think anyone is qualified to make a psychological determination over the internet.

    From these few sentences, you sound fine to me aside from possible depression, but I am no psychologist. It doesn't hurt to talk to someone.

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    No. An insane person wouldn't ask this question.
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    No. I act differently around some people than I do others. It all depends how open/non-judgmental the other person is and how much I can relate to them.

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    You're not insane, you're just a hippy.

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    Hey guys. I'm leaving this site for good. I have a life and I want to live it.
    See you!
    "...Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
    I doubted if I should ever come back.
    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference."
    -The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

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    Maybe you're at a tough point in your life. Everyone is sometimes, and that's okay. You sound young, and you have a whole life left ahead of you, and I can see why you're gone, and yeah, you are insane. INsanity is a subjective thing, and it is up to the person to make that mean a certain thing. It's all in the context. Insane means unique

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    Crazy insane, or insane crazy?

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    This whole masks, adjusting, whatever talk is honestly just a bit strange for me. Different people stimulate different sides: if someone is funny and you mesh well, why wouldn't you be laughing and making jokes all the time? are you gonna talk classic lit with a bodybuilder? are you gonna talk nascar with... I don't know, someone who just doesn't like nascar? I find it difficult to get on with people who want to focus on things I've had no business with.

    But I like a ton of different things, across platforms and genres and cultures and languages even, and I don't see that as being anything but myself.

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