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    Quote Originally Posted by Again_Chloe View Post
    i am doing that all the time and my Te is weak. Such plans, '' i need to spend 4hrs a day studying German and in 4 months i am fluent'', but i never follow through
    I said calculation, not planning. the key word in my previous post is precision. but yeah, I know what you mean, though I hardly consider it "planning" in my own case :P
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    hedge fund management, financial trading, etc

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    Sounds similar to the 10,000 hour rule by Malcolm Gladwell. It's a pretty arbitrary number, but I don't doubt that becoming a genius at something is more a matter of time than anything else.

    Interesting link I found on google when googling 10,000 hour rule:

    New Study Destroys Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 Rule - Business Insider

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    I didn't read the whole thread, but are you saying that the average person who is no genius needs at least 10 years to master something a genius masters in no time?
    I think it depends on many things.

    What is the ''Genius'' skill level?
    I don't consider myself a genius, I can't even score more than 106 in an IQ test. But I was fluent in Italian in 6 months after I moved to Italy, and I never heard anyone talk in Italian before. Of course my Italian wasn't extremely good, but it was average like most people.
    Yes, I was a 8 year old, and kids learn fast. But 3 years ago I started learning English out of the blue and even if I am no master at it I can still talk English for hours even at a fast speech pace.
    On the other hand my partner who has an IQ of 170-80 can't even say more than 2 correct sentences in a foreign language. Even if he tries hard at it.

    This subject is extremely relative and is incorrect to try to apply a general rule to it.

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    I think the 10 year rule isn't exactly the same for everyone and is more a motivation. If so, I would probably put 10 years into becoming a novelist or writer.

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