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Thread: Picky Eating

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    @Passacaglia I can definitely taste differences in water. The water where I live now is pretty good, but in my home town, the water was disgusting. It had a metallic tang, and it smelled like a swimming pool. Everybody I knew had Brita filters.

    My mom used to live in Florida, and she said the water there had a sulfur smell, and tasted awful. So yeah, all water is definitely not alike.

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    I've always wondered about what's behind picky eating -- not the kind of picky eating where you legitimately don't like a lot of food that you've tried already, but picky eating like in the OP. Fear of new food. I don't get it either. I used to think it could be correlated with digestive issues -- so maybe people were food-risk-averse to protect their stomachs? -- but that correlation doesn't exist at all in my experience. So I have no idea.

    On the other hand, discounting a fairly small list of foods and drinks*, I see new and interesting food as a hobby and a challenge. Discounting a short picky-eating phase before age 7, I've been open to most foods.

    *Mostly food that is watery and crunchy at the same time: raw tomatoes, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, celery. While I can eat most of those -- and some, like grapes and raw tomatoes, become palatable or even good when combined with other textures -- I feel kind of nauseated whenever I try.
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