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    Default Cracking the typology codex: read this for instant levelage

    I've cracked the code with respects to the relationship between the inferior function and the primary function...and opposites in general.

    background: I Was contemplating what Jung meant when he said that the primary function was like the sail and the inferior like the rudder. This metaphor was enlightening because it demonstrates that the inferior function is not truly inferior in the literal sense of the word, nor is it crude in so far that it is used.

    The code is cracked in terms of rhythm.

    For example...if your primary function is thinking and your fourth is might look like this.

    Feeling: Used to chose what to think about...

    Think about it
    think about it
    think about it
    think about it
    think about it
    think about it...
    maybe think about it 50-100 more times.

    Check back in with feeling: should I think of something new? yes or no?
    if no...continue to think about it
    if yes...continue to think about something else chosen by feeling.

    Note...a thinker will feel and think simultaneously first...ultimately..and this is usually inherited from the family...this is why they refer, in literature, to the inferior function as the ROOT.

    A root grows from a seed at the same time as the seems the root grows first but if you watch how a plant grows out in both directions and the stem spirals towards the light (conscious awareness) and the root goes into the body.

    Therefore we might say that a thinker feels with their body

    and a feeler thinks with their body...the body is always the mother, mitochondria inheritance, more than the father, speaking biologically and phenomenological.

    This insight is my gift to the message board came after sublimating and meditating and intense physical exercise.
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    Thank you. That is very interesting. I like the root/body analogy with the plant.

    I'm not sure what my inferior is.
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