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    Default Kazimierz Dabrowski: The Theory of Positive Disintegration

    Everyone who have a problems with existential depression and symptoms of anxiety neurosis and accompanying issues as means of a developmental psychodinamics should read these amazing Polish psychiatrist and psychologyst. I strongly recommended his Theory of Positive Desintegration in order to know that you are not crazy, just different with a tremendous power for higher psychologic develepment and to reach a 'holy grail' of highly autonomous, self-directed personality with strong inner locus of control. I feel great couse i finaly realized and accepted myself, and i wish you all the same. Good luck!

    Your Hacbad Macbar

    Kazimierz Dabrowski - Teory of Positive Disintegration

    Kazimierz Dabrowski and Overexcitability gifted
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    Well, this explains why I can exist. Introspective is the name, self-conflict is the game. Why is he temp-banned though?

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