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    I think it is an error to assume that, because you have difficulty expressing enthusiasm which you do not feel, that others who are expressing enthusiasm are being superficial or insincere.

    Not all enthusiasm is faked and not all hype around holidays is superficial.

    Even a lot of people who may not intrinsically enjoy something find joy in seeing the happiness and delight of those they care about.
    Your kisses, sweeter than honey. But guess what, so is my money.
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    i don't really have emotions. i used to, but for some reason, something suddenly changed & now i have no emotions. it's kinda weird. nearly anything can happen to me now & i barely respond. i might smile really big-- if it's a good thing that happened. i can smile, laugh, be the jolliest person in the room. but it's only on the surface. it's all outer. there's actually no inner emotion. i feel like i am actually becoming a robot, slowly over time. a process of robot evolution. something awful could happen-- i just say to myself, "wow, something awful". there is actually no emotion in response. it's quite crazy.

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